The workplace has sprawled to become a space with an endless range of functions that facilitate deep focus, calls, teamwork, meetings, workshops, and relaxation. This sprawl of features has created complex offices that echo cities, complete with restaurants, shops, and services like a dentist. We believe that the future of services in the workplace will all be about personalized services that empower you to organize your day at the office healthily and seamlessly. The future services will all be about crowd control, seamless access to hospitality, and platforming health and well-being.

Here our products for Facility managers, HR, and CRE.

Hospitality strategy

Enbiun has been actively developing hospitality strategies and concepts for high achieving clients, who know that housing staff is more than just offering a desk. We create visions that are people-centric, with personal and collective needs addressed in a holistic hospitality concept. We believe that a great hospitality concept is like 'software' for a building. With our multidisciplinary team, we create complete plans that translate the hospitality concept into designed areas like the company restaurants and pantries.


PwC and enbiun ongoing hospitality and design collaboration

Service, seating & kitchen design

It is our strong believe the most important area in the office is where people meet, eat and interact. The company restaurant should not only function during lunch hours, but contribute to the core activities of your company.


Luxury to go foodconcept for ING headquarters Amsterdam

Technical design of kitchen & service areas

Our design team will engineer your kitchen and service areas ready to build. With all requirements and infrastructural needs. Our network of suppliers can also assist in the execution and build phase hereafter.


Welcome home in Amsterdam!

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