plastic waste
for Unilever HQ

A smart approach for zero plastic waste
Unilever is ready to for a transition to become a sustainable organization. The company wants to make their location Weena an inspiring and sustainable place, where ‘zero plastic waste’ is the ambition for 2019. Sodexo, hospitality partner of Unilever, asked enbiun to co-create a plan to fulfill this ambition together.


Recognize, evaluate and tackle
enbiun developed an approach for Sodexo that gives them opportunity to recognize, evaluate and tackle chances in the hospitality and F&B field. Together with Sodexo we dived into the use of plastic waste. We mapped out where it originates and what actions we can undertake to prevent waste.


A roadmap to succes
Our work existed of an easy to use checklist and roadmap that reflects at what sustainability level the different sections are at the moment and which actions should be undertaken to reach the set ambition. The checklist stimulates people to make a choice between the ten ‘R’s’ (recycle, reuse, refurbish, etc.) and to define what the next steps in their practical work will be. Besides this we created a communication concept on how to share the sustainability ambitions and actions with employees, stakeholder and external networks. A great project with both a practical and very ambitious component to it. And as how we see it, a complete change in the way of thinking and especially doing. It is great to see that Sodexo is really making the change that is required for building a sustainable company.


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  • communication
  • concept
  • concept development
Jan Willem van de Sande
Sales Director

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