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Willem&Drees is a network of farmers and stands for the production of a healthy supply chain. The organization recently merged with Beebox, an ecological foodbox developed and designed by enbiun. Willem&Drees has since been growing in both staff and members.


a smooth transition


enbiun created a new identity for the merger of the two brands, that both built a loyal following over the years. We set out to create and position an identity that reflected the honesty and no-nonsense approach of Beebox and the gentle tone of voice of Willem&Drees. Through analysis and research we developed a concept that can push the identity to the next level, while maintaining brand equity.

The result: a bold identity with approachable photography and storytelling.

Brand transition animation from Beebox to Willem&Drees
Brand transition animation from Beebox to Willem&Drees
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Logo design
Logo design
A new website for Willem&Drees created by enbiun
A new website for Willem&Drees created by enbiun

identity and web presence


The new identity follows a clear visual logic and set up; big text boxes in a stylish dark brown offset combined with the orange logo. The identity is now in use and the two brands have fully transitioned into the new one. In line with the identity we have also developed a plan for the customer journey on the website. The new site aims to get customers quickly to what they need through its sharp sequencing.


Photography concept
Photography concept

A new line of clear and unified photography is developed under our art direction

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