Unique events
for Waternet

Waternet is the only water company in the Netherlands that covers the whole water cycle. They provide a safe, clean and sufficient supply of water. This includes water for nature areas and human consumption.


Unique events for Waternet

Twice a year, we help Waternet organize a Managerial Day for its staff. We developed and designed a concept that is repeated bi-annually.

The event is set up to correspond with a theme chosen by Waternet. Previously expensive locations where rented to host these events. enbiun has changed this attitude towards hosting the events in Waternet's own industrial spaces. This lead to a much more inclusive and unique event for Waternet.


Style and catering

We designed a very flexible event identity and attributes which helped to strengthen Waternet's brand and the event theme. Our developed solution is cost effective due to smart materialization and repeated use.

We also came up with a unique catering formula and naturally provided the event management for the day. By keeping control over all aspects of the day (it's design, the catering and hosting) we allowed the client and it's message to take the center of the stage.


“The Inspiration Tours were perfectly hosted. Very informative, but it also functioned as a fun teambuilding event".

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Illustrated topics
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