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with VOCC

VOCC is a non-profit organization that represent small to medium and large Dutch Caterers. Enbiun organized an event for VOCC to communicatie to its members the latest trends on food and hospitality. A program with different classes, lectures, and workshops acted as starting points for discussions among the members, the organization and enbiun.


Heat workshop


Enbiun's mirror company - HEAT was the topic of discussion in one of the workshops. "How can you keep your catering concept up to date?". "What training works best?". Questions like these kept our discussion lively and interactive.


Trend Forecast


Also smaller caterers need to keep updated on the latest trends in food and changing customer needs. So, as a distillation of our usual food lab, we created a lecture and a collection of current trends in food, packaging, and product design.


highlighted talent


The event was hosted in Kitchen Republic, a successful incubator for young entrepreneurs in food. We invited several of these amazing talents to showcase their innovative products to the members of VOCC.


Slik Slok Lunch & Coffee


One of the innovations was Slik Slok; a radical new way of having lunch as a company. We introduced this concept during the event to the members while serving them high end filter coffee in both hot and cold brew variations.

Kombucha Amsterdam
Kombucha Amsterdam
Oh Na Mi Kimchi
Oh Na Mi Kimchi
Granola for Gangsters
Granola for Gangsters

Enbiun invited upcoming talents in food to talk about their companies and products.

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