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Entrepeneur Arn Zuyderduin approached enbiun to reconsider the branding for his iconic Flemish fries shops in Amersfoort. Van Gogh Frites is a much loved brand for the locals, that are sensitive to change. To support growth and to professionalize the company a rebrand was needed. 





enbiun created a vision and concept for van Gogh that works as a foundation for this growing company. We analyzed the brand and why its loved, and looked at its position in the market and local culture. We concluded that the rebrand should be a 'stealth' rebranding instead of a radical adjustment to keep a better and scalable version of its original branding.


A soft illustrative style complements the clean branding and puts the traditional fries bag on a modern pedestal. It has become a strong pattern with supportive merchandising and this appears everywhere in the strangest forms. All illustrations are created by the talented Martine van Nieuwenhuyzen.

strategische strategie
vlaams friethuis van gogh strategische concept

enbiun's main goal was to create a brand that is iconic and lovable for the fans.

vlaams friethuis van gogh strategische concept
vlaams friethuis van gogh strategische concept

a handmade store


Enbiun also designed a new shop for the brand. The concept is simple and effective, a clean cut line between the kitchen and consumer area is emphasised by contrast. Handmade, warm, artistic design dominates the consumer area that is contrasted by a clean stainless steel kitchen.


Each store will be different, but this simple concept will be the guiding principle. For this store we deconstructed old potato crates and reused them to create a herringbone pattern on the walls. Smaller parts of the potato crates where used to create a wild pattern on the ceiling evoking van Goghs starry sky painting.


artistic and unique


The visual identity was made to be simple and iconic. The simplicity of the visual language can be freely expanded by the owner. One part of this expansion are illustrations from Martine van Nieuwehuyzen, who carefully illustrates each ingredient in her own style. These watercolor paintings that show craft and a good sense humor are used in social media and marketing, while the originals hang in store.

vlaams friethuis van gogh strategische concept
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