No frills or fuss,
pure functionality

Enbiun developed the identity for the brand-new coffee roasting company Special Roast. Special Roast is not a coffee brand, but purely in the business of roasting coffee, where mid-size (coffee)brands can get their product. This way, Special Roast meets the demands of the market to provide specialty coffees under private label and own brands.

From a (new) coffee brand to a private label coffee, Special Roast operates on a small scale, using professional equipment. This translates into a dynamic identity. It’s adjustable, flexible and diverse, supportive and broad. It does not get mixed up in the various coffee brands. It simply produces.

This explains the industrial mood of the design. No frills or fuss but pure functionality. The lines in the logo represent the production process of a coffee with its own signature. These lines act as a grid or guide to be filled in as needed. In this way, the logo can be expanded or contracted to suit demands. This element symbolizes the flexible and customizable nature of Special Roast. No limitations. Everything is possible.


dynamic logo
dynamic logo
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