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Smoothie Company

The Smoothie Company in the Hague, with locations in Hilversum, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam, is a retail concept focused on the healthy consumer offering freshly made vitamin rich smoothies.

These qualities however, weren’t coming across through the current brand and identity which was characterized by glossy material, bright overhead lighting, and busy and garish displays. The logo was bright and fresh, something more suited to an ice cream brand. This look was getting in the way of the craftsmanship, handmade products, and a health-focused philosophy.


enbiun proposed a concept redesign where creativity, craftsmanship, love for material and the product itself was better emphasized. All these aspects were then considered in the choices for material, interior design, signage solutions, etc. Making these changes quickly produced positive results, and there is now new potential for expansion of the brand.

The Smoothie Company now has its own food truck. This provides greater visibility at large events and also opens up the possibility to provide catering at various events and parties.

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Jan Willem van de Sande
Sales Director

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