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Designing and creating an updated version of Vroeg, with a new food concept for a wide variety of audiences




Brand Design

Interior Design


Graphic Design

10 years of collaborating

Vroeg ('early' in English) in Bunnik (Utrecht) is developed in close cooperation with the owner, Hans Kempers. His wish was to create an ambitious new food concept for a wide variety of audiences.

In May 2019, a fire in the kitchen hit Vroeg, resulting in a 6-month closure. During this time, enbiun has been involved in designing and creating a new and updated version of Vroeg.


Re-inventing Icons

Vroeg has built a recognizable brand and look & feel, during its 10-year existence as a beloved spot in Utrecht. In collaboration with Jonathan Morris and the team of Vroeg, enbiun has analyzed its icons and redesigned them to be ready for the next 10 years. Through meticulous and detailed design, enbiun has reimagined every part of Vroeg. The main restaurant is updated with new seats, custom furniture, and a completely new bar. The shop is redesigned with a new service concept in mind, and Vroeg's banqueting halls have received a complete makeover and are equipped with all associated services.




Identity through design

Vroeg has an award-winning sourdough bakery and inventive kitchen. Fermentation and natural preservation processes are at the center in both the kitchen and bakery. Wild fermentation is uneven, harmonious, and full of taste, which inspired us to bring identity, texture, and diversity into the interior. We invented a visual grid that gives organization to custom-made closets, seats, and woodwork. Our visually uneven grid is kept harmonious by streamlining material-use to provide a more subtle and mature look. Vroeg primarily uses three high-end materials: Belgian hard stone, oak wood, and steel. The Vroeg experience is made complete with its minimalistic identity, which is found throughout the space: in menus, products, and light spatial branding. 


A local icon 

Vroeg is centrally located in the vicinity of Utrecht; near the A12, next to the Hollandse Waterlinie, the Uithof, and nature reserve Amelisweerd. This location, both rural and urban, demands a concept that is equally attractive to both business and private guests. Vroeg’s success is based on its concept: focusing on the needs of the future, and being continuously in motion.



Joanna Zychsy

Senior Interior Designer



Interior Kitchen

Spacial Design

Product Design

Light Design

Vroeg remains Vroeg, you could say it even matured. It still has the atmosphere of the past: a farm where you feel at home. Vroeg is located in a very nice and unique building with old architecture. After the fire, we started looking at the past together with the team. We made the design more mature with a ‘flow’ throughout the building that is flexible and efficient. Vroeg is a fantastic place where people can meet, work and have drinks together. The bakery has a prominent place that is combined with a shop. This all is much more open and visible to the guests. The bar has been redesigned and improved for their working methods. The kitchen has remained the same, just like Vroeg itself: a fair concept and restaurant with a variety of tasty and healthy foods.

restaurant Vroeg Bunnik Utrecht icons vroeg chair blue old farm restaurant bar material steel wood hard stone
vroeg Utrecht Bunnik restaurant chef zalmgerecht kok keuken

The restaurant concept

Vroeg is a melting pot of food services and activities. It’s a restaurant, shop, meeting place, bakery and learning establishment in one. Vroeg stands for simplicity, authenticity, and craftsmanship. Everything that happens at Vroeg, must be in harmony with the uniqueness and singularity that characterizes Vroeg. The authentically baked bread and a wide range of artisanal products play a leading role. One can enjoy this in a relaxed and dynamic environment. Vroeg has become a unique and acclaimed spot in the province of Utrecht, a popular place for both young and old.

restaurant Vroeg Bunnik grid custom closets design services concept
styling decoration van rietschoten design walnut wood custom closet anbiun enbiun enbium

For Vroeg enbiun has created a minimalist identity that reinforces the craft and products of Vroeg. You can see the branding enbiun has designed for Vroeg here:


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