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enbiun developed the design for the new corporate restaurant at Unilever headquarters. Unilever came with a clear objective: the new restaurant must provide a food and beverage selection which meets today’s standards and be suitable for the international employees of Unilever.


Think of food freshly prepared in view, a large selection of salads and healthy dishes, and a large offering of hot meals. More than half of the employees at Unilever choose for hot meal at lunchtime.


This restaurant concept is also based on the context of Unilever’s own food products at one’s kitchen at home. The idea is developed further and applied to the different kitchens in the space, all offering different types of food. The kitchens were given names such as The Stove (quick Eastern dishes in small portions), The Family Kitchen, (Western food, more complex, including several different components), The Garden (salads and juices), and The Fridge (pre-packaged products, and freshly prepared to-go meals). This project was completed in collaboration with the architects from Fokkema & Partners.



Higher customer satisfaction and average purchase amount, and shorter queues.

  • catering
  • concept
  • concept design
  • facility
  • food
  • food concept
  • menu
  • service
  • spatial design
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