PwC and enbiun ongoing hospitality and design collaboration

Since 2016 enbiun has been a part of an ongoing project to reinvent the main hospitality area of PwC in Amsterdam, their giant 12.500 square meter atrium. Enbiun is responsible for creating an integral hospitality concept, a detailed circular interior design and services programming.

Transformation for a new generation of PwC employees


PwC like many other companies is in the midst of a transformation, its workforce is becoming more diverse and inclusive. Life at the office with this change in workforce is rapidly changing, the office is no longer just a place for working and meetings. The contemporary office for PwC should facilitate a wide range of activities for a diverse group of people. Together with PwC we envisioned what this new program of working, eating, meetings, inspiration, health, exhibition and business means for a large atrium space.


13000 sqm of atrium becomes a bustling circular plaza


The result of this vision is a radically new approach to zoning the space. The center of the plaza is occupied by a glass kitchen, which is surrounded by flexible food bars. Around these bars are seating area's with a variety of options to accommodate different needs, like having a meeting or a quick chat. Going further away from the kitchen, in the perimeter of the program are more specific and often tranquil zones, like a wellness area or a meeting center. Putting hospitality in the middle of the plaza allows us to create an immediate feeling of belonging and constant bustle. The whole plaza is designed to be healthy and vibrant. Taking inspiration from city park planning, carefully placed greenery, trees and green walls are dotted around the space.
Health has been one of the guiding principles in designing the interior and the food concepts for the PwC plaza. PwC challenged us to design the total plaza with Circular principles in mind, and thus the whole plaza has been designed to be built out of circular materials and furniture.


Programming hospitality on flexible modules


Part of the new Plaza is a community program to support and service all stakeholders that have acces to the campus area. (DK).


Pre launch with PlazaX


Because of the large space and phased building proces we advised PwC to start introducing the Plaza programming method and services immediately. It is in a way managing change in behavior and expectations that can’t just be switched on and work. One of our team members took on the role of Program curator to set up a programming format and content planning for the first year. We claimed a 100 sqm area where we could both launch and further develop the community program to involve the PwC employees and giving them a podium to give feedback. We named this project Plaza X and was opened at the same time the building proces was kicked off. Link naar filmpje. Plaza X was a major opportunity to do R&D on the PwC programming. We kept the design simple and could best be compared to an execution floor with a modular set up. The first set up was to inform visitors of the Plaza X with the future plans and designs, focusing on the circular ambitions and solutions. Through trail and error we refined the content and planning trying out workshops, key note speakers and events. During the Covid-19 pandemic the buildingproject has been set on hold. The Plaza programming however was able to adjust the program content into digital options. This shows the importance of a community management program for corporate companies.

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