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What do you do as a Design Studio on a Friday, with your brand new kitchen, your team of specialists and you want to stir things up a bit but its to early for a drink. We at enbiun thought this could be the ideal opportunity to try out new things and meet new entrepreneurs.


Friday Lunch time is for: enbiun X time.


We invite small (food) entrepreneurs for lunch with whom we crossed path privately or during business hours. One thing they all have in common is their passion and high doses of energy. They test us during enbiun X with challenges and issues from the food/design market and we prepare a nice lunch for the whole group. We can help them with new ideas, designs or strategic steps. Because of this collaboration we all get to meet new cases, people and businesses and we can help starting businesses in an approachable way to make the next step in the food and hospitality branch.


During the first edition of enbiun x the people of Munch visited us. Yorieke and Tessa are the two dedicated entrepeneurs with a business background and a passion for healthy food. Their concept at Munch is a healthy modern fast food concept that sells healthy grab and go meals in the South of Amsterdam. There target audience now is mainly in the private sector. Key products of their business are the clean eating program packages, smoothies/juices and health food.


The women of Munch have a store at the Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam and are the supplier of among other Gustav Gym at the Zuid-As. The also supply there products and healthy meals to multiple kindergartens in the surrounding area. Their current slogan is ‘Fit Food To Go’.


The challenge of Munch:

How can we enter the business/company catering market?

How can we further develop our B2B vending concept?


We brainstormed with Yorieke to give them a direction in further development of their business.

The following is a small part of the result:

  • Our designers agreed that the concept needs more identity and unambiguity. The X-factor is missing. This is clearly present in the two businesswomen and that is the strength of the company.
  • With regard to communication, multiple slogans are now used interchangeably. For the business market you have to clearly choose a strong path that distinguishes you. The ambition must be to make the private concept so aspirational that the company catering has no chose then to knock at their door.
  • In the area of interior design, more structure has to be provided for the X factor, especially focus on the vending machine concept in terms of flow in the business. The advice is to physically highlight the vending and increase it. Make it super clear that this is your unique selling point.
  • As a final point of focus our consultant recommends to take a second look at the business model. Which is a must in this phase to determine where new opportunities lay.


In addition to the healthy and delicious lunch that Yorieke and Tessa provided the enbiun team, plenty of food for thought was brought to the table as well. We continue to follow these two entrepreneurs and hope that with our input they can take the next step.


Challenge us!!

Are you a small / starting / enthusiastic (food) entrepreneur and would you like to test us during a Friday enbiun X lunch? Then please contact maas@enbiun.flywheelsites.com we are curious to hear about your story.



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