Pizza on
a Piazza

Total Pizza concept inspired by Italian food culture

Enbiun has developed a down to earth pizza concept for Landal GreenParks. Pizza Limone is a concept that reimagines what Pizza can be. It all starts with the Italian food culture, which is rich in history and honest in its use of ingredients. Bringing Italy into Landal through an immersive experience is the ambition of Pizza Limone. Realising a Pizza Concept that is fun for everyone but still has an innovative edge? That's the challenge our multidisciplinary design team started of with. 


Pizza on a Piazza

Pizza Limone is a complete experience for the visitor. Starting with the surprise of an interior inspired by Italian Piazza's (town squares). Terrace inspired seating meanders around lemon trees and festive bulb lights that make the restaurant feel like an alive town square. Instead of music, there is a soundscape that reminds you of sitting in a square, with music pouring out of a nearby café.





Pizza and a sidekick

The food concept is based around pairing the Pizza with a sidekick, the lemon, also known as the Italian gold. The Pizza, which is the star of the show, is re-engineered for a digital age, where ingredients are placed beautifully and colourful on the Pizza to make for the perfect Instagram post. Lemon drinks, pies, salad dressings and, fresh lemonade for Children make for an exciting pairing with Pizza, giving the concept its own identity. This pairing makes its way not only in the menu but also in the total experience, where the lemon becomes a playful pattern on walls and napkins.


Play with identity

The identity and branding of Pizza Limone have been developed to be as visual as possible. Bright yellows and playful posters decorate the spaces and attract visitors to the restaurant. A concept like Pizza Limone, which has been developed to be unique and visual, needs an equally visual and fun menu. The Pizza Limone menu is no ordinary clipboard with sheets; it is designed to behave and feel like a colours watch, where guests are invited to flip through all the options and make fun combinations.


Pizza limone identity graphic design menu menukaart grafisch ontwerp
Pizza limone identity graphic design menu kids kinder kinderen menukaart grafisch ontwerp



Together with Landal Greenparks, we have created a concept that stimulates and surprises their guests. The concept has is developed from the start with capture rate and spending behavior in mind. The collaboration with enbiun's interdisciplinary departments and Landal's team has created a concept which is unique, fun, and delicious.


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The Pizza Limone concept is part of Landal Het Vennenbos and will be further realised in 2 parks in the Netherlands. Landal landgoed t' Loo will be opening soon. 


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