A restaurant for
Landal GreenParks

As a part of a larger project for Landal GreenParks, we are developing a variety of food concepts. Our first concept went live in 2015; the Brasserie. 




The Brasserie concept breathes the atmosphere of the parks that people love to explore and relax in. We created this concept as foundation for Landal’s consumer experience; the Brasserie acts as a meeting place for the diverse audience that visits Landal. Everyone can find his or her place in a diverse setting and children can enjoy our special designed children’s buffet.

Landal Greenparks Coldenhove brasserie roll out concept restaurant strategic partner

the brasserie puts a special emphasis on children and food-based activities, like cooking workshops.

workshop area restaurant
workshop area restaurant
landal GreenParks food concept brasserie
  • catering & facility
  • concept
  • food
  • graphic design
  • interior design
  • menu
  • restaurant
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  • signing
  • spatial design
Jan Willem van de Sande
Sales Director

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