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Developing a holistic food concept that displays its green identity and emphasises, on a large scale, great fresh food, consumer visible preparation and personal service




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Food Design

Landal GreenParks is a dynamic and leading international bungalow park organisation; it has over 85 parks with approx. 13,700 bungalows. They distinguish themselves from competitors by the open nature of their locations. The concepts of peace, space and nature are the parks' main characteristics. Since 2015 enbiun has been involved in developing a holistic food concept for Landal. Following this development, several concepts have been realised, one of them being the Landal Brasserie.


Food concepts

The concepts that enbiun has developed for Landal form 80% of the design, 20% is location specific and therefore make each location unique. Various food concepts are used in the development of Landal locations. These food concepts are carefully selected for each different park and assignment. Factors such as the size of the catering area, the location of the park and the type of target group play a role in defining the concept. The concepts relate to each other so that they are easy to combine at a location. But they can also distinguish themselves by means of unique components. With the Brasserie, Pizza Limone and the Snackbar, enbiun has created unique food experiences that translate Landal GreenParks' vision of 'Food Is In Our Nature', into concepts that are engaging and delicious. 


The Brasserie

The Brasserie is the central catering point at all parks, where every target group feels at home. It is scalable and suitable for intimate dining, large groups and families with (young) children. The Brasserie is a total experience with surprising activities for youngsters. On busy evenings, F&E provides a separate program that allows parents to dine while their kids are being entertained. The Brasserie has proven itself in the first pilot location of Landal GreenParks Coldenhove to be very successful in user experience and capture rate, adding value to peoples holiday experience. The roll-out of the concept is done both in the Netherlands as well as in international setting, involving 10 locations in the Netherlands, 3 locations in Germany and 2 in Denmark.




In the food concepts developed for Landal by enbiun, various toolboxes are used, for example for spatial elements and communication. In the Brasserie concept for Landal Coldenhove, enbiun used archetypal and natural materials for the greenhouse and restaurant; creating a good mix between stainless steel, (white) tiles, wood and materials that are used more decoratively. The colours used in the interior come from the surrounding environment.

Landal Greenparks Coldenhove brasserie roll out concept restaurant strategic partner
Landal Greenparks future forward designed by enbiun locations

Landal Coldenhove, Eerbeek 



By making use of illustrations and natural materials, the typography makes a warm and cosy impression on guest; creating a good balance between functionality and decoration. Light boxes and menu boards complement the interior.

Communicatie Landal

Inez van Moolenbroek

Project Lead




Budget Updater 

Main contact for client

Our sustainable partnership with Landal GreenParks started back in 2015 by creating a complete hospitality formula for Landal. This hospitality formula was and still is the base for all roll-outs of hospitality services within Landal GreenParks in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Our first roll-out was Landal Coldenhove, after that, we had the pleasure to work on many more and the continuous development of its hospitality concepts such as the Italian formula 'Pizza Limone' and the 'Snackbar'.
My role as Project Lead is to manage the planning and deliverables regarding design and concept development, calculate and update budgets and have day-to-day contact with the hospitality development team of Landal and its park management.

Overview Landal parks

This overview shows which Landal parks have been realised by enbiun and where the Brasserie concept has been applied.

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Below the Brasserie concepts that enbiun has implemented at Rabbit Hill and Heihaas will be highlighted.

Landal Rabbit Hill

Landal Rabbit Hill is located near Kootwijk and Kootwijkerzand with its iconic Radio Kootwijk. The park is aimed at families with children. In this Brasserie concept, enbiun has responded to the perception and imagination of children, but also to the comfort of the parents. Therefore, much use has been made of conceptual parts with a double function. The workshop serves as a craft place for children, but also as a buffet module.

Special seat modules with rocking chairs offer a pleasant place to eat for both parents and children. The central bar and the open kitchen create a real food experience. For the design, enbiun was inspired by the environment of the park, such as the forests, the heath and the sandy plains. The tile pattern of Radio Kootwijk is repeated in various places in the restaurant.

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Dieuwertje van Walsum

Interior Designer



Spatial Design

Construction Plans

Technical Drawings




My role as an interior designer was to capture the wishes and goals that Landal had drawn up for each park, in a spatial design that suited the relevant target group. I was able to solve problems with spatial solutions. In addition to implementing the standard interior elements from the formula book for each park, I drew up a design intention for each park in which I was inspired by the surroundings of the park. This intention was translated into a mood board and spatial elements, making the interior a reflection of the environment. Furthermore, I was responsible for making construction plans, custom technical drawings and choosing furniture, lighting and decorations.

Landal Heihaas

Landal Heihaas is located near Putten on the edge of the Hoge Veluwe National Park. The Landal park is characterised by the somewhat older target group, who likes to enjoy the surrounding nature and the art in the Kröller-Müller museum. After an active day, they like to relax in a space that reflects the forest and art-rich environment. 

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Landal challenged enbiun to combine 3 concepts for Landal GreenParks Heihaas. The coming together of retail, a reception, and the Brasserie triggered the team to rethink how these elements could work together in harmony. In Landal Heihaas, consumers are welcomed through a small and focused supermarket, that blends merchandise, books and food. The inclusion of retail and shopping has created a continuous flow of visitors which feeds the restaurant with guests and vice-versa. The restaurant extends its scope by having a continuous programmed workshop space, that hosts lessons in baking and fun events for children.

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