A new approach
for Landal Greenparks

It is all about experiences when guests are in the natural environments of Landal Greenparks. For this leading leisure organisation we developed a holistic food concept that displays its green identity and emphasises, on a large scale, great fresh food, consumer visible preparation and personal service. 

Eating and drinking together naturally is a mantra we developed for Landal Greenparks, this holistic concept acts as an umbrella which ties together a variety of food concepts which are being rolled out to the parks of Landal.




The brasserie concept breathes the atmosphere of the parks that people love to explore and relax in. We created this concept as a heavy weight for Landals consumer experience, the brasserie acts as a meeting place for a diverse audience that visits Landal. Everyone can find a place in its diverse seating program and children love playing our specially designed childrens buffet.


HEAT's care


HEAT took care of the opening of the first restaurant, De Brasserie. HEAT's training and coaching of employees in their new environment and with their new tasks was crucial for an effectively functioning concept.

landal visie
Landal Greenparks future forward designed by enbiun locations

The results:

Higher customer satisfaction, greater tie-in to Landal's core values

  • analysis
  • conceptual design
  • graphic design
  • interior design
  • vision
Jan Willem van de Sande
Sales Director

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