A new identity
for a restaurant
in an old farm

Vroeg is a beautiful restaurant and bakery in Bunnik, a small village on the outskirts of Utrecht. After 5 successful years, Hans Kempers, the owner of Vroeg, joined forces with enbiun to update the existing identity.



The restaurant concept 


Vroeg is a melting pot of both food services and activities. It’s a restaurant, store, gathering place, bakery and learning establishment in one. Vroeg stands for simplicity, authenticity, and craftsmanship. Everything that happens at Vroeg, must be in harmony with the uniqueness and singularity of what Vroeg is. The authentically baked bread and a wide range of artisanal products play a leading role.


A mature identity


An identity matures and evolves. As a design studio we felt strongly that this needed to be reflected in the menus, packaging and signing. The maturing process became a key area for us to work on with regards to the identity and the tone of voice. We expressed this through a minimal and very precise identity, which contrasts but also complements the cosy and warm interior of Vroeg.


Web presence 


It was important for us to also communicate the quality and richness of Vroeg online. Functional pages, designed with precision and clean typography are given extra depth through warm photography.

visit www.vroeg.nl

website design identity restaurant design minimal detailed menu
minimal design graphic menu photography vroeg restaurant
Refined menu's with photography by Rachel Schraven

A strong emphasis on photography


A minimal identity is precise and detailed. To counter this minimalism we introduced atmospheric photography. We collaborated with photographers Rachel Schraven and Saskia Lelieveld to create new images that would work well with the new design.


In May 2019, a fire in the kitchen hit Vroeg, resulting in a 6-month closure. During this time, enbiun has been involved in designing and creating a new and updated version of Vroeg.


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