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Hospitality Concept ' CBRE the Core' | Photos by Tycho Müller | Tycho's Eye Photo



Through a process of co-creation, we created a hospitality concept from the ground up, reflecting CBRE's culture and the Core's ambitious design values like sustainability, health, co-creation, and smart tech. 


The way CBRE works is changing. CBRE now works more frequently and more intensively with clients, while modern communications technology means that the office is no longer confined to a single location. At the same time, new developments are required to comply with a rising number of standards and regulations. As a result, housing is also becoming more complex. Time for a new chapter. The Core is a place where CBRE designs future working environments with their clients, where innovation comes to life and where entrepreneurship can flourish. Fittingly we have developed the next level in hospitality design, by reinventing what hospitality means for business.

Watch this clip to see the opening of the CBRE headquarters in Amsterdam or read more on the design project below. 



Tycho Muller CBRE the Core headquarter HQ office studio cafe

Reinventing hospitality for CBRE "The CORE" 


Hospitality meets business within the concept by introducing hospitality services closer to the business and blending services so they add value to one another. The hospitality concept is an integral part of the office by placing hospitality prominently in the customer journeys of both clients and the staff of CBRE. Two concepts have been developed by enbiun for "The CORE": The CB café which reimagines how a client is welcomed in an office building and a CB Dynamic kitchen for the workshop, where CBRE finds time to connect as a team.



CB café


The CB café is directly at the entrance of "The CORE". The café serves as a focused menu of seasonal dishes complemented with a great coffee bar. The café kitchen is centrally placed in the space and includes a specific counter for the hospitality staff. The mixture of the bar and hospitality counter creates a welcoming space where clients and guests are immediately serviced and offered a coffee. To reduce the footprint of the kitchen, dishes are pre-prepared in the kitchen and finished in the café. The café, which is open all day, is now a bustling place used by staff and CBRE's clients.


Tycho Muller CBRE the Core headquarter HQ office studio cafe
Tycho Muller CBRE the Core headquarter HQ office coffee barista espresso
Tycho Muller CBRE the Core headquarter HQ office studio cafe

CB kitchen


The kitchen's primary function is to host the lunch for the entire office, with a seating space that is large enough to host the whole office in two sittings. The kitchen is a multifunctional space that blurs the division between kitchen and seating area. As a user, you're invited to come into the kitchen and select your food from its various cabinets. You're also invited to the kitchen behind the main counter, where the kitchen can also function as a workshop. The multifunctional set up of the kitchen allows for CBRE to host a variety of events, like Friday drinks or connecting client labs. Thus resulting in a flexible and useable space. 



Hospitality as a culture


Through several workshops with CBRE, we created services that capture CBRE's culture and transfer them into concepts and energetic services. Together with CBRE we see the design of hospitality services as a vital part of the culture and design of businesses and places.



A great partnership


To join in on the ambition for innovation we also contributed to our clients The evolution of work event by organising a Cold Brew coffee bar and operating an innovation workshop on adding value through service. An inspiring partnership that will lead to many more great projects. 

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