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HNK is a multitenant office building concept operating in the Netherlands. Holding over 14 locations in the Netherlands, HNK is one of the bigger concepts in this field.


services enbiun performed


Concept design, Interior design, Graphic design, food design, businessmodel and execution.

Stakeholders: Enbiun is the driving force, developer and co-entrepreneur in this concept. Together with partners HNK and Kragtwijk Catering enbiun opened the space in oktober 2017.


unification and hybridisation


Our challenge was to create and attractive and dynamic social concept for HNK houthavens in Amsterdam. In the ground floor of the building which serves as the main entrance, we created a single entity to envelope all services and requested programs. Our solution was one large bar that integrates all of this. A reception, a coffee and food bar and a table take the center of the space and attention. This newly unified solution creates a new and exciting hybrid of a host, receptionist and barista.

requirements HNK project


  • a dynamic space that connects people
  • an attractive and functional concept, the perfect pedestal for food and service
  • an inviting and effective hospitality concept with mixed services
  • great coffee, fresh and local food for a variety of guests
  • a commercially viable businessmodel
HNK bar receoption forecast future

a unique mixture of program and services

bar design


Taking the center of the space and attention, we designed this bar to be a natural fit for the space. The material is a minimalist concrete like material that shows of products at their best, while remaining respectful towards architecture. Elegantly placed led lights above the bar ensure rhythm and light. A connecting table with chairs makes the bar more friendly and open from all sides.




In order to counterbalance the serenity the concrete bar we created a colourful identity that blends with HNK's current identity. As graphics are easy to change, so will the identity, surprising guests with new colours and communication every season. Color and form becomes and eye-catcher.


support and development


Enbiun Heat in cooperation with Kragtwijk Catering ensures quality control and training. We are deeply involved in finding the right staff to handle the HNK bar, ensuring the right mindset and warmth.

  • analysis
  • architecture
  • branding
  • catering
  • catering & facility
  • communication
  • concept
  • graphic design
  • interior design
  • spatial design
Jan Willem van de Sande
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