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Gelateria 2.0


For the ice cream parlor, Gelateria, enbiun developed a new and innovative concept. The request was to find a way of transforming an existing ice cream concept into something unique and strong. The concept must not only work for free standing parlors, but also shop in shops, kiosks, and mobile units alike.

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It needed to fit within the specific brand-values: authentic, elegant, social, creative, expert and sophisticated. In this concept, there is a notable contrast between a sophisticated and authentic product and a modern and creative experience. There are two sides to this ice cream story: the scoop and the cone. Using these two elements, we were able to create a contrast. As contrast itself creates friction and leads to new inspiration for recipes.

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The ice cream scoop itself is the familiar, classic element with authentic flavors. It’s not distinctive on its own, but serves as the solid foundation for this concept. The cone provides the added value, an unforgettable contrast. The cone creates the brand experience. It s the source of inspiration for the interior and visual design and communication.

The cone receives an iconic status in this concept in terms of flavor and design. We create cones of many different flavor varieties. This adds an extra dimension and taste experience to this premium ice cream.

In this way, authenticity pairs perfectly with creativity and modernity.

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