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Dura Vermeer Innovation Center

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Develope a holistic food concept and kitchen/service area's for Dura Vermeers new innovation center.




Kitchen Design

Hospitality Design 

Food Design

Dura Vermeer is a Dutch construction, engineering and infrastructure company with a history of 160 years. With its focus on excellence and sustainability Dura Vermeer will embark on opening a new Inspiration Centre in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The building brings together networking, sales, work and exhibition spaces into one seamless whole. Enbiun has engineered a hospitality space at the center of this building, functioning as a connector, reinforcing the idea of Dura Vermeer as a network organization.


Creating more service experience

Enbiun brought together a kitchen, a reception and coffee bar to become a singular place for all services, an intuitive space. The multifunctional bar faces visitors and greet them with hospitality and service immediately. During the lunch or events, the bar transforms into an extension of the kitchen. Visitors and guests are able to intuitively get their healthy lunches and pay quickly. The openness of the plan ensures that there are no unused spaces, creating an efficient use of square meters.


Healthy food, healthy design

The hospitality concept created by enbiun for Dura Vermeer ensures its employees and visitors are enough choices for healthy food in a space that has been designed with green materials and lush (edible) plants. Within our flexible design we accounted for fast changing dietary needs of new generations. Gone is the idea of having fixed spaces for fixed types of food, what is now a sandwich bar, could become a saladbar in year.

  • bar design
  • food consultancy
  • hospitality
  • kitchen design
  • programming
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