sodexo innovation hub:
innovation in facility services

“Show as a facilities service provider your leadership and innovative strength. In 4 months, launch eight noteworthy innovations focused fully on the end-user where the developed aspects (products, services) make the work of the user more pleasant and easy.”

For this project, enbiun teamed up with facility service provider Sodexo. Together, they successfully developed and completed an innovation hub. This concept is now fully implemented at one of Sodexo’s clients, under the pilot name, “Dex.” 


personal approach in facility services


For this project, we began with the idea that innovation cannot take place within daily operations, and should not be confused with ‘improvement’. The innovation hub focuses on dialog between the client manager and end-user so that actual innovation can be reached. In this way, through personal dialog, a pragmatic and agile way of working, and a gutsy approach (no guts – no glory) immediate action can be taken as soon as the needs and wishes are known.


fast, flexible en experimental


Experimentation goes hand in hand with this agile way of working. Starting small, testing and making adjustments when necessary. And, with every success, developing further, turning it over and if desired, implementing at more locations. Within four months, the innovation hub has been able to launch considerably more innovations in the areas of catering, security, reception and janitorial services.


think big, act small


One such example of a completed innovation is the ‘waterless carwash’. Naturally there were questions, like, “won’t there be scratches?’ or, “will my car really get clean?” At the start, ten free carwashes were offered, followed by a conversation with the recipients to hear their wishes, thoughts and ideas. The service was well received and is now implemented as a recurring service that can also be introduced at other locations.


a personal face for facility service


The innovation hub was developed to give a personal face to the facility service industry, increase their visibility and create the possibility of work on demand (being at the service of the end-user) in addition to the standard service which was already being provided. In this way, services that are usually reserved for a non-work environment are now available at work. Dry cleaning, for instance, or ready-made meals that can be warmed up at home. With these ‘work-life services’, the employee is freed up to make better use of time away from work.


there's more to come


Within this project, enbiun was responsible for this strategic concept and also its execution. We were also present to provide Sodexo with support during the implementation. With success. Both the client managers and end-users were surprised by the enormous amount of innovation and the on-demand flexibility. Multiple needs and desires were met. Through an agile and creative way of working, enbiun was able to lay a foundation for further professionalization, and Sodexo has, in turn, become better connected with the client. News of the innovation hub has quickly spread and is now surprisingly well known, both outside and inside the clients’ walls.

corporate identity
corporate identity
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8 innovations in 4 months. Features: personally, pragmatic and experimental.

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