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Develop a company restaurant and hospitality concept for the leading international beauty company, Coty.




Technical Kitchen Design

Hospitality Design 

Food Design

Coty, the American multinational beauty company, recently opened their first HQ for 500 employees in Amsterdam. Enbiun created the overal hospitality concept and technical area design of the restaurant. Multinationals like Coty place great value on the wellbeing, productivity and happiness of their employees. Enbiun has created a hospitality concept that translates and extends the values that Coty upholds into services that are available all day


Do you really need a restaurant

A company restaurant provides a valuable service to your employees, both in substance and social interaction. However restaurants traditionally are only geared towards a single use, a space for eating. For Coty we created a space that can be programmed to be much more a hub for interaction with your colleagues and the company. The space seamlessly transforms from a cafe in the morning to a restaurant during lunch and a townhall with drinks after work. This is all accomplished by engineering a kitchen and a coffee bar that work together in tandem to create a flexibel services that can turn 'on' and 'off' enabling them to offer different food and drinks throughout the day.


Enbiun Program

We practice what we preach, after engineering the spaces and creating a fitting hospitality concept, enbiun Program took on the daily catering at Coty. With an extremely high guest satisfaction, enbiun Program has been providing Coty during COVID-19 with healthy restaurant catering. It is also our first operational location since we started our new business unit.

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