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Circulair design
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For a redevelopment of a international corporate headquarters in Amsterdam, enbiun is currently developing an area of 12.500 m2 mixed-use space. The plan contains flexible working spaces, multiple restaurants, wellness and mindfulness areas, retail and hospitality services. The process is new and challenging with an ambition to design and build with circular principles. Within this project, we aim to re-use materials from the current building, materialisation of new features in a sustainable way and design food with an incredible waste reduction. A project that completely fits our hearts and minds, ambitious and innovative.




The corporate headquarters has to function as a corporate identity experience. We see this more often nowadays since the war on great talents is getting bigger and bigger. The work environment far more than a desk and a canteen. It's a way of living, something an employee should identify with and be proud of. In this project, we aim to create both social and professional atmosphere that contributes to the strategic assets of the company and makes it a stimulating, attractive and encouraging place to work.

*photograph: BAUX, An environment-friendly, recyclable wall made from wood wool, cement and water.
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  • architecture
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  • catering
  • catering & facility
  • communication
  • concept
  • graphic design
  • interior design
  • spatial design
Jan Willem van de Sande
Sales Director

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