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BIC campus Eindhoven

A cradle for open source innovation


Brainport Industries Campus, the campus for the hightech industry in Eindhoven has an non-Dutch scale.  As the "Dutch Silicon Valley", the hypermodern campus is embedded in 200 acres of green landscape, situated in the centre of one of the largest city parks in Eindhoven. In combination with the 5 large planned factories that cover 65 acres, an innovative and sustainable work landscape will be realised. The Brainport Industries Campus is the first location where high-tech suppliers innovate and produce together.


1500m2 F&B by enbiun


Set to open end of 2018, enbiun designed two F&B concepts that are constructed on a 1500m2 area in the main traffic zones. Partner Sodexo will receive 1300 guests daily in a highly modular and flexible restaurant and café. Eat & Meet and the BIC café are designed and engineered by enbiun. Main element in the design is the openness to enhance the open innovation and collaboration.


Radical and innovative


As the campus is destined to become a leading hub where innovation and competitiveness in high-tech manufacturing reach the highest level of excellence. Radical innovation in the F&B concept is essential as well. This development is constantly maintained by the KatalystLab, a space for continuous dialogue with tenants of the campus. The project is created in collaboration with Jonathan Morris and Sodexo.


Brainport industries campus, render
Brainport industries campus, render
birdsview image of BIC
birdsview image of BIC
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