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AmsterdamConnected is a multitenant concept in a former Royal Bank of Scotland building in Amsterdam south-east. We were invited to create a service-minded and emotional food concept for this redeveloped building.


We created a concept that facilitates employees of tenants going for lunch as well as neighbourhood residents looking for a place to hang out. Two different worlds and atmospheres mix in this workshop concept.

Amsterdam Connected, AC Process

find a place to sit, work, relax or meet.

Amsterdam connected

signing according to vessel


How do we brand and sign an assortment that is dynamic and changes throughout the day? The solution was to think about the vessel or packaging of food and drinks. The cup bar for instance serves coffee, tea and soup.  By navigating by vessel options the creativity is opened up as to what the vessel might contain.

enbiun was also responsible for the interior concept. We sought to create a place where an audience with different needs can find a place to sit, work, relax or meet.

  • catering & facility
  • concept
  • food
  • graphic design
  • interior design
  • menu
  • restaurant
  • service
  • signing
  • spatial design
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