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Create a new hospitality concept for Guerrilla Games to bring its internal collaboration and social cohesion to the next level.




Kitchen Design

Hospitality Design 

Food Design

Guerrilla is one of Europe’s leading game development companies and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. The company was founded in 2000, and has pushed the boundaries of technical and artistic excellence in our games ever since. Today, Guerrilla employs more than 350 professionals from 25 different nationalities. Its new office is located in the cultural and historical center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands — a great place to work and play. Enbiun developed and engineered a hospitality concept to help Guerrilla connect and collaborate in a new environment created by the design team of CBRE. More so than ever, we wanted our hospitality solutions to support Guerrilla’s unique culture and foster an inclusive and open attitude.


Human connection is essential

Guerrillas’ previous office was an open plan largely concentrated on one floor, which allowed employees to connect easily. The new office is spread over multiple floors, which challenged us to create hospitality spots to increase a vertical connection through the different levels. With smartly engineered pantries situated at the intersections of traffic, we created hospitality hotspots to facilitate conversations and serendipity. The pantries provide coffee machines as well as growing herbs for fresh tea and lemonades—fuel for different break needs.


Say goodbye to boring counters and hello to a fresh kitchen

For the restaurant on the top floor, we challenged every convention of what a restaurant can offer. A company restaurant in itself, as a singular function, is a fairly inefficient use of office space. We engineered a layout that creates a dynamic kitchen and service area, where every counter is programmed according to different needs throughout the day. What might be a nice bar to hang out on with a coffee in the morning becomes a salad bar at lunch, and a bustling drinks spot in the evening. CBRE designed a seating space that isn’t just the best place to have lunch, but is also the best place to meet and play.


The best hospitality hardware meets the best software, Program.

Program is a future-forward hospitality and catering model that offers a healthy and progressive food program. The food program developed for Guerrilla exists in a responsible relationship to the season and the environment, allowing us to engineer a menu that is delicious and energizing while meeting the specific needs of Guerrilla employees.


photography by Stijn Poelstra -

Screenshot 2021-05-07 at 10.04.44
Stijn Poelstra -
Photography: Stijn Poelstra -
1- render - dura vermeer

dura vermeer

Dura Vermeer Innovation Center

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Develope a holistic food concept and kitchen/service area's for Dura Vermeers new innovation center.




Kitchen Design

Hospitality Design 

Food Design

Dura Vermeer is a Dutch construction, engineering and infrastructure company with a history of 160 years. With its focus on excellence and sustainability Dura Vermeer will embark on opening a new Inspiration Centre in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The building brings together networking, sales, work and exhibition spaces into one seamless whole. Enbiun has engineered a hospitality space at the center of this building, functioning as a connector, reinforcing the idea of Dura Vermeer as a network organization.


Creating more service experience

Enbiun brought together a kitchen, a reception and coffee bar to become a singular place for all services, an intuitive space. The multifunctional bar faces visitors and greet them with hospitality and service immediately. During the lunch or events, the bar transforms into an extension of the kitchen. Visitors and guests are able to intuitively get their healthy lunches and pay quickly. The openness of the plan ensures that there are no unused spaces, creating an efficient use of square meters.


Healthy food, healthy design

The hospitality concept created by enbiun for Dura Vermeer ensures its employees and visitors are enough choices for healthy food in a space that has been designed with green materials and lush (edible) plants. Within our flexible design we accounted for fast changing dietary needs of new generations. Gone is the idea of having fixed spaces for fixed types of food, what is now a sandwich bar, could become a saladbar in year.

-coty render


Welcome home in Amsterdam!

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Develop a company restaurant and hospitality concept for the leading international beauty company, Coty.




Technical Kitchen Design

Hospitality Design 

Food Design

Coty, the American multinational beauty company, recently opened their first HQ for 500 employees in Amsterdam. Enbiun created the overal hospitality concept and technical area design of the restaurant. Multinationals like Coty place great value on the wellbeing, productivity and happiness of their employees. Enbiun has created a hospitality concept that translates and extends the values that Coty upholds into services that are available all day


Do you really need a restaurant

A company restaurant provides a valuable service to your employees, both in substance and social interaction. However restaurants traditionally are only geared towards a single use, a space for eating. For Coty we created a space that can be programmed to be much more a hub for interaction with your colleagues and the company. The space seamlessly transforms from a cafe in the morning to a restaurant during lunch and a townhall with drinks after work. This is all accomplished by engineering a kitchen and a coffee bar that work together in tandem to create a flexibel services that can turn 'on' and 'off' enabling them to offer different food and drinks throughout the day.


Enbiun Program

We practice what we preach, after engineering the spaces and creating a fitting hospitality concept, enbiun Program took on the daily catering at Coty. With an extremely high guest satisfaction, enbiun Program has been providing Coty during COVID-19 with healthy restaurant catering. It is also our first operational location since we started our new business unit.



Otemba ramen bar in Amsterdam

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The team of Otemba gave us the challenge to come up with a strategy, brand and interior design for their Ramen bar in Amsterdam.




Brand Design

Interior Design


Graphic Design


Hospitality Design 

Food Design

In 2011 the Slok family made a trip to Vietnam. That was the moment when Martijn (then 18 years old), Myrthe (16), and Bastiaan (14) fell in love with Asian culture. After many more trips, conversations, discoveries, and ideas, their dream became a reality: bringing a Japanese ramen bar to Amsterdam! Otemba Ramen was born. With enbiun's concept + first location service, Otemba became a reality with first location on the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam.


Building cultural bridges

Through a process of strategic positioning, consulting, and branding
workshops, enbiun created a naming concept that bridges Japanese and Dutch culture. 'Otemba', a loanword from Dutch in Japanese, means untameable in Japanese. Often used to describe tomboy like girls. With the help of some Japanese friends and our dedicated team, the story of Otemba was delicately translated to a unique visual identity and shop interior by enbiun.


Ramen as an all-day concept 

Ramen is a traditionally a dish eaten as a lunch in Japan. It's fast, super tasty, and easy to eat. Otemba challenged us to create a concept and context that extends Ramen far into the evening with side dishes and drinks, adding a cosmopolitan layer to this authentic dish. The interior has 3 different atmospheres to facilitate different needs throughout the day, the street bar, a cozy club-like space for the evening and parties, and a tranquil living room. The menu and its design prominently position the Ramen through illustration, however equally important are the side dishes. Served together on the table the ramen bowls and side dishes form a festive whole.


Fun and playful details


Otemba is a character; she inspires both the identity and the interior. The space inside acts like a giant blown-up illustration from Otemba's life. To bring these vibrant scenes to life, we collaborated with studio Giftig, who used graffiti techniques to spray paint scenes like, at home with her cat, on the street and in the club. The graphic design takes from popular apps like LINE or Facebook messenger, where people use 'stickers' to emote. The total package results in a rich concept full of playful details that make people want to return again and again.


Manuel Palland

Art Director



Brand strategy

Graphic design

Together with the team of Otemba we created a naming and identity concept to bridge two cultures. The Otemba identity tells a story through loose illustrations and type that refers back to Japanese typesetting. 

Fun elements like Otemba's emotions on social media and a giant wallpainting create an immersive visual experience.


landal coldenhove, eerbeek

Landal GreenParks

Brasserie Concept

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Developing a holistic food concept that displays its green identity and emphasises, on a large scale, great fresh food, consumer visible preparation and personal service




Brand Design

Interior Design


Graphic Design


Hospitality Design 

Food Design

Landal GreenParks is a dynamic and leading international bungalow park organisation; it has over 85 parks with approx. 13,700 bungalows. They distinguish themselves from competitors by the open nature of their locations. The concepts of peace, space and nature are the parks' main characteristics. Since 2015 enbiun has been involved in developing a holistic food concept for Landal. Following this development, several concepts have been realised, one of them being the Landal Brasserie.


Food concepts

The concepts that enbiun has developed for Landal form 80% of the design, 20% is location specific and therefore make each location unique. Various food concepts are used in the development of Landal locations. These food concepts are carefully selected for each different park and assignment. Factors such as the size of the catering area, the location of the park and the type of target group play a role in defining the concept. The concepts relate to each other so that they are easy to combine at a location. But they can also distinguish themselves by means of unique components. With the Brasserie, Pizza Limone and the Snackbar, enbiun has created unique food experiences that translate Landal GreenParks' vision of 'Food Is In Our Nature', into concepts that are engaging and delicious. 


The Brasserie

The Brasserie is the central catering point at all parks, where every target group feels at home. It is scalable and suitable for intimate dining, large groups and families with (young) children. The Brasserie is a total experience with surprising activities for youngsters. On busy evenings, F&E provides a separate program that allows parents to dine while their kids are being entertained. The Brasserie has proven itself in the first pilot location of Landal GreenParks Coldenhove to be very successful in user experience and capture rate, adding value to peoples holiday experience. The roll-out of the concept is done both in the Netherlands as well as in international setting, involving 10 locations in the Netherlands, 3 locations in Germany and 2 in Denmark.




In the food concepts developed for Landal by enbiun, various toolboxes are used, for example for spatial elements and communication. In the Brasserie concept for Landal Coldenhove, enbiun used archetypal and natural materials for the greenhouse and restaurant; creating a good mix between stainless steel, (white) tiles, wood and materials that are used more decoratively. The colours used in the interior come from the surrounding environment.

Landal Greenparks Coldenhove brasserie roll out concept restaurant strategic partner
Landal Greenparks future forward designed by enbiun locations

Landal Coldenhove, Eerbeek 



By making use of illustrations and natural materials, the typography makes a warm and cosy impression on guest; creating a good balance between functionality and decoration. Light boxes and menu boards complement the interior.

Communicatie Landal

Inez van Moolenbroek

Project Lead




Budget Updater 

Main contact for client

Our sustainable partnership with Landal GreenParks started back in 2015 by creating a complete hospitality formula for Landal. This hospitality formula was and still is the base for all roll-outs of hospitality services within Landal GreenParks in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Our first roll-out was Landal Coldenhove, after that, we had the pleasure to work on many more and the continuous development of its hospitality concepts such as the Italian formula 'Pizza Limone' and the 'Snackbar'.
My role as Project Lead is to manage the planning and deliverables regarding design and concept development, calculate and update budgets and have day-to-day contact with the hospitality development team of Landal and its park management.

Overview Landal parks

This overview shows which Landal parks have been realised by enbiun and where the Brasserie concept has been applied.

Schermafbeelding 2020-06-10 om 13.04.56

Below the Brasserie concepts that enbiun has implemented at Rabbit Hill and Heihaas will be highlighted.

Landal Rabbit Hill

Landal Rabbit Hill is located near Kootwijk and Kootwijkerzand with its iconic Radio Kootwijk. The park is aimed at families with children. In this Brasserie concept, enbiun has responded to the perception and imagination of children, but also to the comfort of the parents. Therefore, much use has been made of conceptual parts with a double function. The workshop serves as a craft place for children, but also as a buffet module.

Special seat modules with rocking chairs offer a pleasant place to eat for both parents and children. The central bar and the open kitchen create a real food experience. For the design, enbiun was inspired by the environment of the park, such as the forests, the heath and the sandy plains. The tile pattern of Radio Kootwijk is repeated in various places in the restaurant.

Schermafbeelding 2020-06-09 om 16.38.38
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-04 at 14.55.29 (1)

Dieuwertje van Walsum

Interior Designer



Spatial Design

Construction Plans

Technical Drawings




My role as an interior designer was to capture the wishes and goals that Landal had drawn up for each park, in a spatial design that suited the relevant target group. I was able to solve problems with spatial solutions. In addition to implementing the standard interior elements from the formula book for each park, I drew up a design intention for each park in which I was inspired by the surroundings of the park. This intention was translated into a mood board and spatial elements, making the interior a reflection of the environment. Furthermore, I was responsible for making construction plans, custom technical drawings and choosing furniture, lighting and decorations.

Landal Heihaas

Landal Heihaas is located near Putten on the edge of the Hoge Veluwe National Park. The Landal park is characterised by the somewhat older target group, who likes to enjoy the surrounding nature and the art in the Kröller-Müller museum. After an active day, they like to relax in a space that reflects the forest and art-rich environment. 

Schermafbeelding 2020-06-09 om 16.39.14

Landal challenged enbiun to combine 3 concepts for Landal GreenParks Heihaas. The coming together of retail, a reception, and the Brasserie triggered the team to rethink how these elements could work together in harmony. In Landal Heihaas, consumers are welcomed through a small and focused supermarket, that blends merchandise, books and food. The inclusion of retail and shopping has created a continuous flow of visitors which feeds the restaurant with guests and vice-versa. The restaurant extends its scope by having a continuous programmed workshop space, that hosts lessons in baking and fun events for children.

HHS_04_145262 (1)

oleg pelmeni bar, amsterdam



through food

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Developing an authentic Russian modular F&B formula




Brand Design

Interior Design


Graphic Design


A notable coffeehouse chain from St. Petersburg, named Bushe, wanted to enter the European market by opening their first restaurant in Amsterdam. The idea was to create a place that can show the beauty of the Russian food culture, which harmoniously integrates into the riches of global cuisine. That’s how the mono concept restaurant, Oleg Pelmeni Bar was born. It is a place where people can meet, connect, have fun, be inspired and share. Enbiun's approach was all about social connection, and we wanted to integrate cosiness, warmth and fun. We did not want Oleg to be an abstract brand, but something with a ‘face’. It should feel like your host, friend, but also like family. 


The Pelmeni 

Oleg, the face of the restaurant, his coffeehouses had a focus on coffee and sandwiches. He wanted to bring a typical Russian tradition and experience to the Netherlands: the pelmeni. Pelmeni's are Russian dumplings that consist of a filling wrapped in thin dough. Pelmeni has been described as "the heart of Russian cuisine". The story about this flavourful dish is part of the marketing and branding of Oleg. The concept of Oleg remains true to its roots, because you can enjoy an extensive Russian breakfast at the bar as well. 

The Oleg Pelmeni Bar makes their own pelmeni from scratch and also produce home-made and fermented drinks, like kombucha, kvass and mors. 



Schermafbeelding 2020-05-18 om 14.50.10

A dynamic identity

The Oleg Pelmeni Bar is a modern and cosmopolitan space, which reflects the Russian identity in an interesting, intelligent and beautiful manner. Small details are integrated, so there's always an element of surprise.

Banners and textile on the walls refer to Russian traditions in home decoration. By re-examining wall textiles and using layers, we have combined both ‘Oleg’ branded textiles and art works from Russian and Dutch artists. The coming together of different artists, visuals and messages resembles the narrative nature of tapestries and the stories they tell.

opening Oleg Pelmeni bar russian cousine breakfast lunch diner
Schermafbeelding 2020-05-18 om 14.41.02

Manuel Palland

Art Director



Web Design

Graphic Design

Brand Design

Our main goal was to create a connection between Russia and the Netherlands through a visual identity. It was a very interesting process of finding links, because we didn’t want the concept to be too explicitly Russian. Our goal was to match and connect. Oleg (which is also the name of the owner) wanted to create dynamic visuals and sort of ‘a flag that connects the Dutch and Russians with each other’. The logo and details such as the circular pattern that is inspired by the pelmeni, are Russian. These elements are combined into an open and inviting space where everyone can enjoy Russian food together.

Reframing Russian elements

We have made a clear link between how the architecture of St. Petersburg is inspired by that of Amsterdam. Czar Peter the Great wanted to modernise his country in the 18th century and thereby looked at many European countries. He did this, among other things, by choosing a capital that was more to the west of Russia, in order to make his country more western. The legend is that the Russian flag is inspired by the Dutch, but if you look closely at the map of St. Petersburg, you can also see that the city is very inspired  by the canals of Amsterdam. Enbiun has taken these elements into the design process for the Oleg Pelmeni Bar. 

Schermafbeelding 2020-05-26 om 11.21.23

The Russian and Dutch flags are both red, white and blue. Enbiun has merged the flags into a new emblem. This emblem tells the story of the mixing of the cultural heritage of these countries.

Schermafbeelding 2020-05-18 om 14.39.22
Schermafbeelding 2020-05-18 om 14.41.34

December 19th in 2019 was the opening of Oleg Pelmeni Bar in Amsterdam. Click on the link to see more photo's of the restaraunt! 



restaurant vroeg, bunnik

Bakery, restaurant,


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case  description


Designing and creating an updated version of Vroeg, with a new food concept for a wide variety of audiences




Brand Design

Interior Design


Graphic Design

10 years of collaborating

Vroeg ('early' in English) in Bunnik (Utrecht) is developed in close cooperation with the owner, Hans Kempers. His wish was to create an ambitious new food concept for a wide variety of audiences.

In May 2019, a fire in the kitchen hit Vroeg, resulting in a 6-month closure. During this time, enbiun has been involved in designing and creating a new and updated version of Vroeg.


Re-inventing Icons

Vroeg has built a recognizable brand and look & feel, during its 10-year existence as a beloved spot in Utrecht. In collaboration with Jonathan Morris and the team of Vroeg, enbiun has analyzed its icons and redesigned them to be ready for the next 10 years. Through meticulous and detailed design, enbiun has reimagined every part of Vroeg. The main restaurant is updated with new seats, custom furniture, and a completely new bar. The shop is redesigned with a new service concept in mind, and Vroeg's banqueting halls have received a complete makeover and are equipped with all associated services.




Identity through design

Vroeg has an award-winning sourdough bakery and inventive kitchen. Fermentation and natural preservation processes are at the center in both the kitchen and bakery. Wild fermentation is uneven, harmonious, and full of taste, which inspired us to bring identity, texture, and diversity into the interior. We invented a visual grid that gives organization to custom-made closets, seats, and woodwork. Our visually uneven grid is kept harmonious by streamlining material-use to provide a more subtle and mature look. Vroeg primarily uses three high-end materials: Belgian hard stone, oak wood, and steel. The Vroeg experience is made complete with its minimalistic identity, which is found throughout the space: in menus, products, and light spatial branding. 


A local icon 

Vroeg is centrally located in the vicinity of Utrecht; near the A12, next to the Hollandse Waterlinie, the Uithof, and nature reserve Amelisweerd. This location, both rural and urban, demands a concept that is equally attractive to both business and private guests. Vroeg’s success is based on its concept: focusing on the needs of the future, and being continuously in motion.



Joanna Zychsy

Senior Interior Designer



Interior Kitchen

Spacial Design

Product Design

Light Design

Vroeg remains Vroeg, you could say it even matured. It still has the atmosphere of the past: a farm where you feel at home. Vroeg is located in a very nice and unique building with old architecture. After the fire, we started looking at the past together with the team. We made the design more mature with a ‘flow’ throughout the building that is flexible and efficient. Vroeg is a fantastic place where people can meet, work and have drinks together. The bakery has a prominent place that is combined with a shop. This all is much more open and visible to the guests. The bar has been redesigned and improved for their working methods. The kitchen has remained the same, just like Vroeg itself: a fair concept and restaurant with a variety of tasty and healthy foods.

restaurant Vroeg Bunnik Utrecht icons vroeg chair blue old farm restaurant bar material steel wood hard stone
vroeg Utrecht Bunnik restaurant chef zalmgerecht kok keuken

The restaurant concept

Vroeg is a melting pot of food services and activities. It’s a restaurant, shop, meeting place, bakery and learning establishment in one. Vroeg stands for simplicity, authenticity, and craftsmanship. Everything that happens at Vroeg, must be in harmony with the uniqueness and singularity that characterizes Vroeg. The authentically baked bread and a wide range of artisanal products play a leading role. One can enjoy this in a relaxed and dynamic environment. Vroeg has become a unique and acclaimed spot in the province of Utrecht, a popular place for both young and old.

restaurant Vroeg Bunnik grid custom closets design services concept
styling decoration van rietschoten design walnut wood custom closet anbiun enbiun enbium

For Vroeg enbiun has created a minimalist identity that reinforces the craft and products of Vroeg. You can see the branding enbiun has designed for Vroeg here:


City Food

Restaurant design with creative urban food


For Oma ietje in Amsterdam Zuidoost, enbiun developed a cafe restaurant concept with creative urban dishes inspired by food from all over the world. After opening in 2018, we recently were asked to deliver an update on the interior design and support of the staff towards a re-opening.


Heesterveld is a fairly unknown but buzzing area in the South East part of Amsterdam. A neighbourhood on the outskirts of the ‘Zuid As Office Jungle’ which has become a residence for artists and small creative entrepreneurs. Being one of the last residential complexes build in the Bijlmer it's part of an area which will be even more buzzing and important to Amsterdam in the future. Xander and Sebas took over Oma Ietje last year and came to us with questions about the implementation of a new concept to an existing format.


Back in the days ‘Oma Ietje’ was started by two ladies who chose to refer the name to their grandmother. The new owners Xander and Sebas see in ‘Oma Ietje’ an energetic grandmother with a multicultural kitchen. A warm lady who always stirs in her pans, welcoming everybody at anytime.






New way of working 


Before Oma Ietje only served lunch and coffee until five, with extending the opening hours an evening menu was needed but with this came the demand for matching kitchen equipment, a bar and a new seating plan. All that requires a new way of working for the staff, which we  designed for the owners. We accompanied the staff during the re-opening in the kitchen and front of house and wrote a way of working to ensure processes to be done right. 


Together with studio Buik enbiun created a Oma Ietje signature food menu with beetroot curry sticks, a massala chicken with a potato coleslaw and the already all time favourite fries bulgogi (fire meat stove) and kimchi mayonaise. The enbiun interior department created a mural to give the space a colourful, warm an recognisable feeling along with a new lightning plan and updated seating area.Through these design changes, Oma Ietje has become a dynamic colourful restaurant and event venue. And we are proud to have worked with Xander and Bas on their Amsterdam Bijlmer dream, so if you are looking for a great buzzing terrace or spot to eat and be merry, Oma Ietje is definitely worth a visit.  


Oma ietje is open from 8.30 - 23.00 wednessday-saturday and from 8.30-4.30 monday and tuesday. 







Oma ietje food design hospitality
next level

Hospitality Concept ' CBRE the Core' | Photos by Tycho Müller | Tycho's Eye Photo



Through a process of co-creation, we created a hospitality concept from the ground up, reflecting CBRE's culture and the Core's ambitious design values like sustainability, health, co-creation, and smart tech. 


The way CBRE works is changing. CBRE now works more frequently and more intensively with clients, while modern communications technology means that the office is no longer confined to a single location. At the same time, new developments are required to comply with a rising number of standards and regulations. As a result, housing is also becoming more complex. Time for a new chapter. The Core is a place where CBRE designs future working environments with their clients, where innovation comes to life and where entrepreneurship can flourish. Fittingly we have developed the next level in hospitality design, by reinventing what hospitality means for business.

Watch this clip to see the opening of the CBRE headquarters in Amsterdam or read more on the design project below. 



Tycho Muller CBRE the Core headquarter HQ office studio cafe

Reinventing hospitality for CBRE "The CORE" 


Hospitality meets business within the concept by introducing hospitality services closer to the business and blending services so they add value to one another. The hospitality concept is an integral part of the office by placing hospitality prominently in the customer journeys of both clients and the staff of CBRE. Two concepts have been developed by enbiun for "The CORE": The CB café which reimagines how a client is welcomed in an office building and a CB Dynamic kitchen for the workshop, where CBRE finds time to connect as a team.



CB café


The CB café is directly at the entrance of "The CORE". The café serves as a focused menu of seasonal dishes complemented with a great coffee bar. The café kitchen is centrally placed in the space and includes a specific counter for the hospitality staff. The mixture of the bar and hospitality counter creates a welcoming space where clients and guests are immediately serviced and offered a coffee. To reduce the footprint of the kitchen, dishes are pre-prepared in the kitchen and finished in the café. The café, which is open all day, is now a bustling place used by staff and CBRE's clients.


Tycho Muller CBRE the Core headquarter HQ office studio cafe
Tycho Muller CBRE the Core headquarter HQ office coffee barista espresso
Tycho Muller CBRE the Core headquarter HQ office studio cafe

CB kitchen


The kitchen's primary function is to host the lunch for the entire office, with a seating space that is large enough to host the whole office in two sittings. The kitchen is a multifunctional space that blurs the division between kitchen and seating area. As a user, you're invited to come into the kitchen and select your food from its various cabinets. You're also invited to the kitchen behind the main counter, where the kitchen can also function as a workshop. The multifunctional set up of the kitchen allows for CBRE to host a variety of events, like Friday drinks or connecting client labs. Thus resulting in a flexible and useable space. 



Hospitality as a culture


Through several workshops with CBRE, we created services that capture CBRE's culture and transfer them into concepts and energetic services. Together with CBRE we see the design of hospitality services as a vital part of the culture and design of businesses and places.



A great partnership


To join in on the ambition for innovation we also contributed to our clients The evolution of work event by organising a Cold Brew coffee bar and operating an innovation workshop on adding value through service. An inspiring partnership that will lead to many more great projects. 

Pizza on
a Piazza

Total Pizza concept inspired by Italian food culture

Enbiun has developed a down to earth pizza concept for Landal GreenParks. Pizza Limone is a concept that reimagines what Pizza can be. It all starts with the Italian food culture, which is rich in history and honest in its use of ingredients. Bringing Italy into Landal through an immersive experience is the ambition of Pizza Limone. Realising a Pizza Concept that is fun for everyone but still has an innovative edge? That's the challenge our multidisciplinary design team started of with. 


Pizza on a Piazza

Pizza Limone is a complete experience for the visitor. Starting with the surprise of an interior inspired by Italian Piazza's (town squares). Terrace inspired seating meanders around lemon trees and festive bulb lights that make the restaurant feel like an alive town square. Instead of music, there is a soundscape that reminds you of sitting in a square, with music pouring out of a nearby café.





Pizza and a sidekick

The food concept is based around pairing the Pizza with a sidekick, the lemon, also known as the Italian gold. The Pizza, which is the star of the show, is re-engineered for a digital age, where ingredients are placed beautifully and colourful on the Pizza to make for the perfect Instagram post. Lemon drinks, pies, salad dressings and, fresh lemonade for Children make for an exciting pairing with Pizza, giving the concept its own identity. This pairing makes its way not only in the menu but also in the total experience, where the lemon becomes a playful pattern on walls and napkins.


Play with identity

The identity and branding of Pizza Limone have been developed to be as visual as possible. Bright yellows and playful posters decorate the spaces and attract visitors to the restaurant. A concept like Pizza Limone, which has been developed to be unique and visual, needs an equally visual and fun menu. The Pizza Limone menu is no ordinary clipboard with sheets; it is designed to behave and feel like a colours watch, where guests are invited to flip through all the options and make fun combinations.


Pizza limone identity graphic design menu menukaart grafisch ontwerp
Pizza limone identity graphic design menu kids kinder kinderen menukaart grafisch ontwerp



Together with Landal Greenparks, we have created a concept that stimulates and surprises their guests. The concept has is developed from the start with capture rate and spending behavior in mind. The collaboration with enbiun's interdisciplinary departments and Landal's team has created a concept which is unique, fun, and delicious.


Go visit

The Pizza Limone concept is part of Landal Het Vennenbos and will be further realised in 2 parks in the Netherlands. Landal landgoed t' Loo will be opening soon.