Welkom Inez

Inez started in 2018 as senior project manager at enbiun. With a background in developing catering and hospitality concepts she totally fitted in the enbiun team. As the counterweight to all the creativity, Inez brings organisation and structure to the studio. Just a perfect match really. 

Needless to say that she is crazy about food. Her inspiration about food and concepts comes from exploring restaurants in Amsterdam and foreign countries. Other than that our senior project manager loves to translate her knowledge about operational catering to concepts that work. Best described as enthusiastic, creative, analytic and organised, we found out she secretly is in love with Excel lists… . Her projects with enbiun vary from the international Landal GreenParks, Booking.com service, the coming Russian concept Oleg to Pizza Limone.

We are so happy to have you in our team!

Welkom Inez!