Hello Jan Willem


He probably is the most well-known face of enbiun and if you have met him before, it's no secret that as a former chef Jan Willem can go on about food & hospitality for days. Our high energy commercial superstar started working for enbiun back in 2008. After being a consultant for three years, he became a partner of enbiun studio.

Jan Willem went to the hotel management school in Amsterdam and then studied business economics at the HES. His passion for food started at a very young age, leading to 16 years of experience in hospitality. He started as a chef and later worked as an operational manager and consultant in the catering industry.

Although Jan Willem misses cooking and hospitality, enbiun is exactly the right place for him to be. Together with Oskar Zijlstra en Maurits Tofohr, Jan Willem leads the management team of enbiun and is responsible for new business and consultancy. His practical background, love for entrepreneurship, passion for food and drive towards excellent hospitality puts him in the position to tie all the knots of hospitality projects. And if you have not met him, he is always in for a tea or a good Toscanini dish!  


Partner Enbiun Jan Willem. Werkzaam op het kantoor op kraanspoor. Werken in de Hospitality design. Consultant en Business developer in de horeca. Kok en food passinist