Welcome Rosa

WORKING AT — 03.2020

Rosa 2019

After her studies at the Design Academy, which she completed in 2018 with a bicycle safari in Drenthe, Rosa dove into the catering industry full-time. Her father, an interior architect, had started a cultural café in his old office and could use some help. Ambitious as Rosa can be, she threw herself into running this cafe and stood in the kitchen, washed the dishes, served guests, updated the website and social media, and designed the menu. A jack-of-all-trades.

But Rosa was eager to broaden her horizon and focus more on what she had studied; concept design. After a series of applications, she ended up at enbiun, who wanted to hire her as a freelancer to further develop enbiun Program. After 3 months of exploring and creating, she could start working as a marketing coordinator and content creator.

Rosa is a creative, multidisciplinary and colourful young woman. Due to her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, she can be deployed in many areas and is therefore a welcome addition to the enbiun team.

Welcome Rosa!