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enbiun Program contributes to a
“happy, healthy and productive” working
environment. With our iterative food program,
we are able to constantly program your catering
in an attractive and contemporary way. Our
food curators, program lead and feedback loops
are elementary in our approach.



We focus on sub-urban companies where international employees live and work. For them, a modern, healthy and sustainable corporate catering is very important.
Their way of eating changes quickly. By involving them and continuously developing the offer, satisfaction and productivity will increase in your company. Our program feedback panels and software provide good insight into this development.

Our extended
food program
forms the basis.

The food program is influenced by food cultures
from all over the world. The recipes have been carefully
developed and are surprising and tasty. Program is
transparent in price, food kilometres, origin and nutritional
value. Every day of the week it offers a balanced program,
nutritious for all target groups. The selection is freshly
prepared by carefully selected food partners.

At the same time 7 principles are applied that communicate
the ambitions of enbiun Food Program to its users.
These principles are linked to parts of the menu.

Program is part of creative agency enbiun. Our studio has been developing successful food brands, hospitality businesses and catering concepts since 2002. The user plays a central role in all of our designs. Our team of designers, strategists and food specialists have developed an innovative perspective on business catering.
enbiun consults, designs and programs.

Program as a partner

The enbiun Program approach is groundbreaking. We work with people and product partners who live up to the core values of the enbiun food program. enbiun Program is your contract partner and contracts and directs executors. The checkout is completely transparent, so every involved party benefits.
We’re doing this all to realise a smart & future forward catering service for your company.

Program Lead

The program lead controls your catering and hospitalty service. He or she is the point of contact for the on-site team, monitors budgets and makes operational work agreements. You can also contact him or her for the total implementation and performance.

Food Curator

The food curator is the creative behind the daily program. The curator works on your food program with an ambitious vision of the future, in which 5 core values play a central role. He or she develops your food program, involves your employees and guides the team on location.

Our food curators & program lead
Delphine Bagnol

Sander Uitdehaag

Lieke Maas

Anneleid Linthorst

Together we will bring
your catering service to the future.
Program inspires, programs and implements.

The service of enbiun Program consists out of:
  • A healthy and sustainable food program based on 5 core values ​​and 7 principles
  • Transparant purchases from sustainable Program product partners
  • Further development of your catering concept
  • Setting up and activating feedback panels
  • Annual trend forecasting
  • Selecting and managing people partners
  • Budget monitoring and monthly reporting
  • Outsourcing of your total catering organization and administration
launching customers