UPDATE —01.2022

The powerplant method by enbiun

In the following weeks we will take you on a journey: sharing new perspectives on design, ways of working and a completely new brand for enbiun!


Feel Good, Work Well, Create Energy!


Our working method, PowerPlant.

The PowerPlant method guarantees that spaces and places behave like strong brands, with strategic positioning, methods to engage audiences and radically sustainable design.



What makes people happy? And productive. What annoys them? We want to know. Getting to know your audience and what emotionally drives them, is essential to hospitality & design development. By creating a careful balance between data mining and intuitive interviews, we always get to the core of understanding people, their needs and what moves them. 



Thoughtfully designed spaces are shaped around the needs of people and brands. What is a thoughtful design? We think it all starts with taking responsibility for the health of its inhabitants and the footprint it leaves behind. We start with the standards of WELL and circular design and go beyond them, by creating a solution that perfectly fits your people and DNA.



Good design creates energy. Energy feeds people. Good design also creates a footprint, and we want that footprint to be positive; they should be steps for others to follow towards a carbon-neutral future. Our method does this through several established and new solutions. 

Lets start talking about your people and the environment they thrive in

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