The opening of PwC Plaza X in Amsterdam

TRENDING— 06.01.2020

Since May 2018, enbiun has been responsible for the development of the hospitality concept and interior design of the PwC Nederland headquarters in Amsterdam. An extensive project of more than 12,000 m2 with high circular ambitions.


Yesterday was the start of the renovation and the opening of the Plaza X. We developed Plaza X as a programmed platform to inform and involve PwC with the new design and hospitality concept. 


With Plaza X PwC gains a new space to promote and co-create its various efforts surrounding circular design and business, mindfulness in the workplace and the future of work. 


Watch the opening video and photo's by Catch Your Moment

opening plaza x pwc Amsterdam expo
opening expo program in Amsterdam for PwC
sp[ace workshops information at plaza X Amsterdam
VR experience with render new plaza