The opening of Oleg Pelmeni bar Amsterdam

TRENDING— 19.12.2019

December 19th was the opening of Oleg Pelmeni Bar in Amsterdam! enbiun has designed this scalable international hospitality concept and brand for a Russian entrepreneur from Saint Petersburg. Oleg is an all-day pelmeni bar, where you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oleg makes their pelmeni from scratch. Pelmeni’s are little Russian dumplings with filling wrapped in thin dough. They can be savoury, with or without broth, or used in a sweet dessert.


The approach for this concept is all about social connection, coziness, and warmth. We created not an abstract brand, but a recognisable and dynamic identity. You will certainly hear more about Oleg!


You can already read more about Oleg in these articles: de Parool & de Buik




opening Oleg Pelmeni bar russian cousine breakfast lunch diner
graphic design oleg pelmeni bar amsterdam illustration dog
opening december 2019 amsterdam restaurant bar dining breakfast lunch diner food design hospitality
visit the new restaurant oleg pelmeni bar amsterdam lunch breakfast diner

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