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For Oma ietje in Amsterdam Zuidoost, enbiun developed a cafe restaurant concept with creative urban dishes inspired by food from all over the world.A recent project we delivered was an update on the interior design and support of the staff towards a re-opening at Oma Ietje, Heesterveld.


Heesterveld is a buzzing area in the South East of Amsterdam, a neighbourhood on the outskirt of the ‘Zuid As Office Jungle’ which has become a residence for artist and small creative entrepeneurs. Being one of the last residential complexes build in the Bijlmer, it’s on walking distance from the World of Food and part of an area which will be even more buzzing and important to Amsterdam in the future.
Xander and Sebas took over Oma Ietje last year and came to us with some questions about the implementation of a new concept to an existing format.


Originally ‘Oma Ietje’ was started by two ladies who refer in the name to their own grandmother, the new owners Xander and Sebas see in ‘Oma Ietje’ a energetic grandmother with a multicultural kitchen which is always stirring in her pans welcoming everybody at anytime.






Dynamisch en multifunctioneel concept


Before Oma Ietje only served lunch and coffee until five with the extension of the opening hours not only a evening menu was needed with matching kitchen equipment also a bar and some changes in the seating plan and therefor a new way of working for the staff.


Together with studio Buik enbiun created a Oma Ietje signature food menu with beetroot curry sticks, a massala chicken with a potato coleslaw and the already all time favourite fries bulgogi (fire meat stove) and kimchi mayonaise. The interior department created a mural to give the space a colourful, warm an recognisable feeling along with a new lightning plan and updated seating area.



Continue doorontwikkeling 


For the future an outside terras plan with a portable bar has been designed and ready to spin off a busy buzzing summer outside.
Together with all these design changes Oma Ietje has become a dynamic, restaurant and event venue instead of a coffee bar which acquires a new mindset and way of working for the team. Enbiun accompanied the staff during the re-opening in the kitchen and fronthouse and wrote a way of working with go






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