Welkom Jip

Welcome Jip

Please meet @Jip! In 2018 this junior concept designer got her degree in Communication and Multimedia Design at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. Jip isn’t a stranger to enbiun; she actually was the offices' visual design intern back in 2017. She has a passion for food and photography, which made her develop a cookbook as her graduation project. During her study, she tried to assign food in every school project. She created, for example, an app to reduce food waste among students, a food magazine and a cooking app. Within enbiun Jip is engaged in graphic design, marketing and project management. The ferry trip to the office she makes every morning is her favorite moment of the day. The most memorable moment Jip had at enbiun was the creation of a stand completely made out of paper-maché for our coffee brand Special Roast. Jip adds a lot of creativity and a special kind of character to the enbiun team!



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