Utrechter Graphic design



For growing city brasserie De Utrechter, enbiun has developped a new line of posters to promote their events.

Designer Jaap Smit has carefully used a set of geometric shapes and combined these with artist, music and holiday themes.
The trick is to balance the contrast between brand identity and the more commercial "cheap" concept of communication that is widely used in city marketing materials.


The visual identity in a poster design
The visual identity in a poster design

Poster 1. Its' show time, combines the upcoming christmas atmosphere with a music vibe

Poster 2. Is for a well known jazz artist, Kika Sprangers. It breaks u the portrait images in geometric shapes and creates a dynamic pattern.



Poster 3. De Utrechtse sjeu is made for the combination between music and food. It's quite remarkable and stands out from the buys city dynamics

To accomodate a flexible restaurant concept, we as a design studio need to extend our graphic work to match the changing needs. This concept of posters is a good example of this development.