Bake & Relax
at our enbiun office


At enbiun we work hard & dedicated on projects with our team and with our clients. These projects mostly concern food & hospitality concepts and solutions now and in the future. Besides going from meeting to meeting and working behind our desk, we have to make time to keep up with trends and developments in the world for example about food, behavior, culture and technology. You can imagine sometimes we need a break.


enbiun office sourdough bread bake relax
Our sourdough bread


We go for a walk outside our office at NDSM or we share a good cup of coffee with someone from our team to release some stress or share some thoughts for inspiration. But we have noticed some of our team members really liked to use the kitchen to bake a pie close before a deadline. This brought us to a better and healthier idea; Let's start a Sourdough Bakery which makes our team to use their hands, create room in their minds and feel inspired and fresh again with an end product: the bread. Our Food Intern Yara made this into a concept by the name: 'Bake & Relax’.


We challenged her to create a program and to motivate our team to start this bread culture and to bring slow bread in their busy office lives. After trying different methods, she found a way of working that fits in our busy schedules. The key? Planning. The day in advance a pre-dough is made, which ensures that the bread rises nicely the next day. That dough will rest and ferment for a night. The next day the final dough is made by adding the pre-dough to some flour, water and salt. 



Everyone can add

their own flavor

to the basic recipe



After a good knead, the bread is going to rise for two hours while you can go back to work. After two hours, you knead the bread and prepare the dough for its final rise of three hours. After those three hours the bread is ready to go in the oven: the best moment of the process. The office will smell like fresh baked bread. The whole process only takes two hours of our time. The way of working is transformed into a manuel in the form of a booklet. This booklet is displayed which makes this concept accessible for everyone. Besides the sourdough bread, Yara also developed a little sweet sourdough bun called the Enbibun. The idea originated from our obsession for good coffee. With a professional coffee machine in the office, we drink a lot of coffee. The pulp of the coffee was always thrown away, which gave Yara the idea to reuse that waste in sourdough buns. Everyone can add their own flavor to the basic recipe. The method for the Enbibun is also transformed into a booklet. 


Bake relax brood enbiun office
bake relax brood bread office
office enbiun brood bread sourdough
Bake relax brood enbiun office


Yara’s experience at enbiun: “I love the culture at enbiun: creative, experimental, openminded and innovative. Within that culture I was free to experiment and develop the concept. I could always ask for help whenever I needed it and with all the creatives around me, I had many different insights that helped me with developing the concept. Besides developing the concept, I also developed myself. Enbiun has given me a vision and a different view of the world. I am very grateful for that vison and I am definitely going use it in the future. My food vision has been expanded and I have a different view on concepts and concept development now. I am inspired to develop myself even further and to dig further into the food world.''