04 June

enbiun is moving →

UPDATE — 04.06.2021 Enbiun is moving to a temporary location. Exciting times are coming up! Covid has transformed our world and society in substantial ways, working from home has teached us to be more flexible and that we’re all ready to seek out physical connections again. We’re all asking ourselves questions about how offices will […]

07 May

Just launched, Guerrilla Games! →

NEW PROJECT — 07.05.2021 Enbiun developed and engineered a hospitality concept to help Guerrilla connect and collaborate in a new environment created by the design team of CBRE. More so than ever, we wanted our hospitality solutions to support Guerrilla’s unique culture and foster an inclusive and open attitude.   go to case

18 November

From the inside out, workplaces developed from human needs and data. →

WX WX. Workplace concepts developed from human needs and data. Developing workplaces for high performing companies is a complex puzzle of marrying the company DNA with the realities of local needs and architecture. Solving this complexity is a challenge in a world where development disciplines like services and workplace strategies don’t work together. Teaming together […]