2018 was a beautiful year!


2018 was the year in which we moved to our new studio in the north of Amsterdam. And the year where we welcomed lots of new colleagues.

In 2018 we opened 10 successful hospitality locations for Landal Greenparks, situated in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands they were quite the international experience. On top of this 2018 was a year in which started innovative hospitality projects for, PWC and Kite Pharma. Great developments in collaboration with inspiring people.

We want to say THANKS to all our clients, partners and staff members, who helped making 2018 this amazing.


2019 will be even better!


In 2019 we are going to give hospitality a new dimension through the launch of enbiun program (STAY TUNED). We will open up our studio for inspiring chefs, entrepreneurs and trendsetters to learn and work together in unusual ways.

2019 will be the year of a new partnership, together we are opening a new catering formula in the eastern part of Amsterdam. In this new year with our clients and partners, we will discover how we can design food and reinvent hospitality in this fast- changing world. Are you joining us on the ride?