in harmony

Landal GreenParks offers its guests an unforgettable holiday in its natural parks. Since 2015 enbiun has been Landal's strategic and design partner in creating its F&B concepts on its main parks. With the Brasserie, Pizza Limone and the Snackbar, we have created unique food experiences that translate Landal GreenParks vision of 'Food is in our Nature' into concepts that are engaging and delicious.



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Landal GreenParks challenged us with combining separate 3 concepts housed in 3 different spaces into one smaller space for its park, Landal GreenParks Heihaas. The coming together of retail, reception, and the brasserie triggered us to rethink how these elements should work together in harmony. In the new Landal GreenParks Heihaas, consumers are welcomed in the space through a small and focused supermarket, that blends merchandise, books, and food. A constantly manned counter combines both the cash till for the retail and the reception into one easy zone for information and payment.


The inclusion of retail and shopping has created a continuous flow of visitors which feeds the restaurant with guests and vice-versa. The restaurant extends its scope by having a continuous programmed workshop space, that hosts lessons in baking and fun events for children. Present-day consumers expect extended opening times, our blurred Landal GreenParks Heihaas concept facilitates this need without sacrificing on costs. Staffing is kept at a minimum throughout the day due to smartly engineered counters that allow for staff to serve more than one concept.




New patterns

Landal GreenParks Heihaas has created new patterns, natural and modern patterns of consumer experience and spending. This new pattern has created a better guest engagement and capture rate. Instead of buying a croissant and leaving to venture outside, guests are now triggered to order a coffee, sit down and maybe browse a couple of books.


Blurring concepts can often feel forced and unnatural. Together with Landal GreenParks we have created a concept and a space that works optimally and excels at its tasks.