Enbiun specializes in developing unique horeca concepts and interiors that work effortlessly. Together with our team of specialists in branding strategy, interior design, menu consultancy, and business, we create horeca that is one complete concept package. With years of experience, we are there in the process with you, from concepting, consulting you on staff to starting up your first location and beyond.

Here our products for entrepeneurs, corporates, and urban planners 

Concept & brand development start-up + first location design

Our team has 15+ years experience in helping entrepreneurs with the development and design of their new restaurant or F&B concept. We cover all ingredients from market analysis to business model, branding, interior design and realization. With our network of suppliers we build your new restaurant


Bakery, restaurant, hotspot

Transformation and concept development for the leisure market

A concept is never finished and needs care and attention to stay fresh and relevant. Our team can help you update your restaurant concept or F&B formula. Adjust the businessmodel or menu, way of working, serviceconcept or maybe adjust the branding and interior.

Placemaking for plinths and urban pockets

In the last decade, our public spaces have transformed from being dominated by retail towards mixed-use with a strong emphasis on food concepts. This trend is growing and maturing; customers expect higher standards and products that give them both comfort and inspiration.

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