WX. Workplace concepts developed from human needs and data.

Developing workplaces for high performing companies is a complex puzzle of marrying the company DNA with the realities of local needs and architecture. Solving this complexity is a challenge in a world where development disciplines like services and workplace strategies don’t work together. Teaming together with CBRE, the worldwide leader in real estate developments and strategies, we’ve developed a new product to help companies achieve high performing workplaces. The WX.

WX is a Workplace experience process combining data and creativity and most importantly a new standard for creating tightly integrated workplace concepts.

‘Four disciplines, one connected goal!’
Workplace Experience is all about creating connections; our method brings four key disciplines together in one process. Specialists from all four disciplines work together: Workplace-, Services-, Smart-, & Design specialists. We have partnered up with, CBRE to bring out the best from all fields for your custom workplace experience. Together, aided with hard digital data and observations we co-create to realize custom-integrated advice on optimizing the work experience and giving you a clear direction on how to do this.

Well-being leads to productivity
The well-being of the employee is fundamental. With healthy employees, the company remains on top of the game. Well-being can be translated into various aspects within the company, such as the F&B assortment, health-related services, a vital workplace, break-out places, and a clear communication channel.Work-life balance
The employer can help the employee by supporting the day-to-day concerns and needs, saving time that can otherwise distract from work. 

A high employee satisfaction rate
It is vital to keep the employee satisfied to prevent an employee-run as much as possible. When employees are proud of where they work, positive marketing is generated automatically.

Work efficiency
Easy and fast communication, information, and support must be accessible. Using the right tools, programs, layout, and services, the employee can fully focus on the core business and thereby stimulate the company’s growth. 

But what about COVID? We have noticed a strong change in the requirements and wishes of the workplace. 2020 has taught us that we can get very far without an office but that the energy of meeting and working together is indispensable to achieve integrated results. Therefore, the workplace of the future increasingly requires the coordination of the physical and digital work environment and business services.

To connect employees and stakeholders from the business through collaboration with specialists in workplace experience. It is driven by data, connectivity, intuition, and knowledge. The process is as follows:

1. Analysis & validation; what are the main issues? We will apply qualitative and quantitative research. All data and information is analyzed by the four discipline specialists. This data is being validated with the stakeholders of your company.
2. Workplace foundation vision; a holistic integrated concept is created based on all research.
3. Custom advice; an overall WX solutions advise is created from all four disciplines based on the custom workplace vision that suits your corporate goals & culture.
4. Local implementation; together with all involved departments and parties.
5. Aftercare / feedback loop; after implementation, a programmed sequence of feedback and modification is essential to keep the workplace experience up to date. 

Together with CBRE, we applied the WX process successfully at Galapagos and ASML.

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