Enbiun Stock is enbiun’s answer to the ever present Christmas food package

NEWS — 20.12.2017


enbiun Stock is enbiun’s answer to the ever present Christmas food package that is traditionally handed to staff during the holidays. These food packages often carried elaborate and cliché themes with food you would only eat in a very limited period. As a studio that is obsessed with food we hated this idea.

So we started making the ultimate Christmas food package for ourselves. We chose to focus on items that we would use daily, items to keep in stock. A great oil, amazing salt and even ceramics. As obsessed people we go to great lengths to find the very best.

This often means that we order from all over the world. For example, our honey comes from a very specific island in France, where bees are making honey from a very local territory, which then results in an extremely ‘single origin’ pure honey. Usually we come across items that have ugly or clumsy packaging, and we don’t mind, because what counts is the content.

We have been doing this for ourselves for a couple of years, and now we would like to share it with you. For next year you’ll be able to get STOCK for your company. Contact us via info@enbiun.nl for more info and see the pictures of the 2017 STOCK below.