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enbiun X rose&vanilla


Our second enbiun X event was all about the company rose&vanilla. The founders of this start up, Erik and Daphne, are both originally economic scientists. Their love for food and their daughter being allergic to gluten made them change their paths in their careers. They threw away their suits and put on their baking aprons because nowadays they bake and sell gluten free, biological, lactose-free, soy free and mostly vegan pastry. Their mission with rose&vanilla is to bring people together with food and to let them enjoy without worries. The products of rose&vanilla are available at their own lunchroom in Utrecht, in organic stores and in a few specialised bakery’s around the Netherlands. Their objective is to grow and expand, so this is where we come into play. 

The challenge of rose&vanilla


While enjoying a range of delicious glutenfree and vegan cakes and pies we brainstormed with Erik about the future direction of rose&vanilla. The main focus was on the target groups and the branding involved.  


Following are some of the outcomes:

  • SPLIT UP: We agreed about splitting up the market in two different target groups: the regular consumers and the conscious consumers. Both target groups need different selling points and an adjusted assortment.
  • AIM HIGH: rose&vanilla is a higher segment brand. Their current branding doesn’t fit this proposition. Therefore, they need to renew their corporate identity. We recommend a more minimal design, which will lay focus on the products.
  • BE CLEAR: Communication wise, it is important to implement the new identity. This will include a new website, print, social media and so on. The communication outings must clarify the separation between the two markets.


There is no other way to our designer hearts than food, so while snacking on loads of guilt free sweets we concluded that the products are really amazing and we would recommend them to everyone! We hope our input will give rose&vanilla the boost for their desired growth, so even more people can enjoy pastry without any concerns.


Challenge us!!


Are you a small / starting / enthusiastic (food) entrepreneur and would you like to test us during a Friday enbiun X lunch? Then please contact Lieke: maas@enbiun.flywheelsites.com we are curious to hear about your story.