Het enbiun werkdieet: 3 tips

fruit work diet enbiun


We all strive to be fitter, healthier and more effective in life. Because we all know the feeling when you are in the flow and find yourself doing just the right things. Going to the gym, eating the right things and drinking loads of water result in an energetic, more focussed you and leads to personal positivism. In this state we create the best designs and concepts at enbiun.

Let us explain of what we practice in our work diet to make sure our Brains are creative and focussed.





Following our biochemical nature our body naturally prepares itself for food when waking up. The gut hormones, digestive enzymes and gut micro biomes make the body burn carbohydrates for your daily energy. Together with protein and micronutrients will this give the energy, focus and health protection we will need during the day. So we use products that give their energy out in a long lasting way, so we will profit the whole day.


But what does dis mean for your breakfast recipe?
We have found our favourite real basic products that will fit in a shake. When stressed for time in the morning, we could even pre blend a shake the night before. A favourite of enbiun is;
1 glass of Almond milk

1,5 cup off spinach

1 banana

1 hand of blueberries

Some cucumber 

0,5 apple

chia seeds


And we try to do not:
Add sugars. In most of breakfast options food sugars are included. These will influence our blood level, meaning that during wake up moment the body has to work blood sugars instead of preparing for the day. It also will trigger sugar food cravings during the day. So when starting our day without added sugar, it will be easier to resist sweets the rest of the day.

breakfast work diet enbiun



Around lunchtime our bodies need an energy input. With the right food our body and brain will be sharp and focused again. While the traditional Dutch lunch is based around bread, it’s not the wisest choice. So we try to eat only one slice of bread and combine it with veggie salads with lots of olive oil. The combination with olive oil will reduce the effect of the carbohydrates and sugar in the stomach. So our bodies don’t need to work on balancing your blood sugar and have more concentration to focus on other tasks. With this we avoid the super after lunch dip.


Lunch tip:

Salads with at least 3 or 4 vegetables

Olive oil based dressing

1 slice of bread with peanut butter or veggie spread (try not to have the added sugar one)


lunch work diet enbiun




After a day of hard work we have our 4 o’clock craving. For this daily dip we try to eat a piece or a bowl of fruit in combination with some nuts. The natural sugars in the fruits are necessary to keep the brain function optimized. The differences between sugars in a soda in comparison to the ones in fruit are enormous. With the soda or candy you will miss the fibers that natural fruits contain. This will affect the blood sugar and after 30 minutes, a sugar dip occurs. With sugars from fruit and nuts the fibers will be processed evenly and your brain can use them right away.

A 4 o’clock tip:


1 hand of nuts to fill up your stomach


fruit work diet enbiun


It really works!

These tips are easy to use. We know because we have changed our work diets at enbiun in with these three basic rules. When we try to eat productive and healthy for 80% of the time, we allow ourselves to enjoy our guilty (homemade cake) pleasures during the remaining 20%. It’s easy to follow and the outcome is great, we find ourselves feeling fitter, more creative and focussed.  Without even going to the gym 😉