UPDATE — 04.06.2021

Enbiun is moving to a temporary location.

Exciting times are coming up! Covid has transformed our world and society in substantial ways, working from home has teached us to be more flexible and that we're all ready to seek out physical connections again. We're all asking ourselves questions about how offices will transform, how we'll work and how we'll socialize. Questions, change and reflection lie at the heart of our work. As entrepeneurs we're not going to sit still and wait, instead we decided to take action. We're leaving our  office at Kraanspoor 46 to a temporary hub at Kraanspoor 50. In the meantime we're going to look for a new home for our creative and bustling studio.

This is where we need you!
For our new studio we're looking for a street level location in Amsterdam! We want to engage with our audiences, see how real consumers react to our food and design, the only way forward is to open up our process. Our new studio should be a place where commerce, food and design meet naturally. The new studio needs to be roughly 200/300sqm, a location for sale and groundlevel. We're open for creative collaborations on space and sharing.

Have a lead? Contact vandesande@enbiun.nl

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