With our years of experience in being developers, we are natural consultants. With enbiun consultancy, we put the end-user front and center. Our team of experienced business and creative professionals consult and create everything that has to do with hospitality.

combining both
bussiness and
creative aspects


Our work is extensive, whether it concerns advice on hospitality and catering at your new location or an analysis of a current concept. So, how do we do this? Our work follows a rigorous and analytical approach that relies on our experience, data we accumulate, and qualitative research.

The process is built on co-creation by having critical discussions and workshops. We connect the dots and boil it down to the essence by always working towards a crucial result that combines both business and creative aspects. See our project CBRE, The Core. 

A good example of how we like to work is our collaboration with CBRE the CORE.

analytical approach
complemented with
ongoing trend research


The base of our work is our analytical approach combined with our experience, data and qualitative research. It is complemented with our ongoing trend research: Forecast. Forecast is part of our creative proces to design sustainable and innovative concepts.

We travel, observe, smell and touch, perhaps more critical because of our jobs. All this knowledge and sensitivity for our environment and its people is gathered in an ongoing trend research which we use as a backbone for our projects. Curious about our Forecast?

we have the knowledge
and skills to take
on any challenge!


Our ambition to reinvent food and hospitality requires that we are able to think and design on many different levels. We connect services, spaces, interiors, brands, business models and operational processes for markets like corporate hospitality, leisure and tourism and branding & positioning.

To meet the needs of every client we customize each of our services and work intensively together to create the required results. enbiun has collaborated with companies such as Unilever and Landal Greenparks. With our multidisciplinary team we have the knowledge and skills to take on any challenge!


  • P&L analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • business modeling
  • advice on tendering
  • focus groups
  • strategy and vision
  • ambition document
  • hospitality design
  • graphic design
  • product innovation
  • concept development
  • technical design
  • interior architecture
  • construction guidance
  • managing agent
  • food curator
  • food program
  • budget monitoring
  • trend forecasting


Maurits Tofohr
strategic consultant
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David Kulen
creative consultant
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Jan Willem van de Sande
business consultant
+31 (0)6 11 86 80 24

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