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Enbiun and CBRE are working together on some interesting projects this year. The partnership is based on a shared belief of putting people central in designs and plans. We both combine this approach with a flexible and pragmatic way of working. So as partners we really get out the best in each other. They manage all around rebuilding and real estate and we take care of the food, hospitality and service side of the project. By invitation of CBRE Netherlands we contributed to their ‘The Evolution of Work’ event in April through a workshop. 



Hospitality can be 

a natural extension 

of the company vision



By invitation of CBRE Netherlands we contributed to their ‘The Evolution of Work’ event in April through a workshop on adding value though service. And because we believe people need to experience a concept in order to fully understand it, we designed a pop-up "Cold Brew Bar" for the guests to visit. Both explaining the effect of well designed corporate hospitality in any workplace or for any employer. Using examples and designs we come across in our research. And which are more explained later on in this article.


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Apple improving pizza

The central theme was how adding value through service is important for any workplace and employer. Designing a good restaurant is not enough to ensure success. Nowadays we as enbiun play an important role within central and social areas of workspace design. During the workshop we discussed the development of food and hospitality services with the attendees. We showed some examples which add value to a company, for example the Apple pizza box. Since Apple is a detail oriented company, everything has to be spot on. Also for their own employees. So they set about to develop a pizza box for their new campus restaurant which keeps the pizza crispy and fresh through its precisely engineered airholes. It works so well that they even patented it. Who wouldn't want to work for a company improving their pizza experience.


Facebook uses greens to increase productivity

Hospitality can be many things. We believe it exists to support and improve primary processes through making work more seamless, healthy and social. Like Facebook’s campus by Frank Gehry eschews traditional monolithic corporate architecture and replaces it with a flat un-iconic volume, where a park seems more dominant than the building. The park is more than just window dressing, green spaces in the work environment help to increase overall productivity.


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Wellness centre on the workfloor

Another example is the wellness center in the HQ of Cummins. The wellness center is making an enormous impact by preventing disease and reducing costs. Born from the Company’s vision to have happy and healthy employees, the LiveWell centers focuses on preventing disease and actively helps employees develop healthy lifestyles. Services at the Center include primary care, rotating specialists, chiropractic care, physical therapy, exercise physiology, health coaching, behavioural health, and occupational health. In addition, the concept of “food as medicine,” is actively promoted through the center’s onsite teaching kitchen – available for classes or one-on-one sessions with the chef to learn how to cook quick, affordable, healthy and delicious meals.


Hospitality is not a generic solution

These company’s have one thing in common, they see how hospitality and service could be a natural extension of their vision. Hospitality is not a generic solution, but a custom made concept that connects vision and culture to tangible hospitality touch points. And above all, it makes employees and employers happier and more productive.