UPDATE — 04.06.2021

Enbiun is moving to a temporary location.

Exciting times are coming up! Covid has transformed our world and society in substantial ways, working from home has teached us to be more flexible and that we're all ready to seek out physical connections again. We're all asking ourselves questions about how offices will transform, how we'll work and how we'll socialize. Questions, change and reflection lie at the heart of our work. As entrepeneurs we're not going to sit still and wait, instead we decided to take action. We're leaving our  office at Kraanspoor 46 to a temporary hub at Kraanspoor 50. In the meantime we're going to look for a new home for our creative and bustling studio.

This is where we need you!
For our new studio we're looking for a street level location in Amsterdam! We want to engage with our audiences, see how real consumers react to our food and design, the only way forward is to open up our process. Our new studio should be a place where commerce, food and design meet naturally. The new studio needs to be roughly 200/300sqm, a location for sale and groundlevel. We're open for creative collaborations on space and sharing.

Have a lead? Contact vandesande@enbiun.nl

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NEW PROJECT — 07.05.2021

Enbiun developed and engineered a hospitality concept to help Guerrilla connect and collaborate in a new environment created by the design team of CBRE. More so than ever, we wanted our hospitality solutions to support Guerrilla’s unique culture and foster an inclusive and open attitude.



WX. Workplace concepts developed from human needs and data.

Developing workplaces for high performing companies is a complex puzzle of marrying the company DNA with the realities of local needs and architecture. Solving this complexity is a challenge in a world where development disciplines like services and workplace strategies don’t work together. Teaming together with CBRE, the worldwide leader in real estate developments and strategies, we’ve developed a new product to help companies achieve high performing workplaces. The WX.

WX is a Workplace experience process combining data and creativity and most importantly a new standard for creating tightly integrated workplace concepts.

‘Four disciplines, one connected goal!’
Workplace Experience is all about creating connections; our method brings four key disciplines together in one process. Specialists from all four disciplines work together: Workplace-, Services-, Smart-, & Design specialists. We have partnered up with, CBRE to bring out the best from all fields for your custom workplace experience. Together, aided with hard digital data and observations we co-create to realize custom-integrated advice on optimizing the work experience and giving you a clear direction on how to do this.

Well-being leads to productivity
The well-being of the employee is fundamental. With healthy employees, the company remains on top of the game. Well-being can be translated into various aspects within the company, such as the F&B assortment, health-related services, a vital workplace, break-out places, and a clear communication channel.Work-life balance
The employer can help the employee by supporting the day-to-day concerns and needs, saving time that can otherwise distract from work. 

A high employee satisfaction rate
It is vital to keep the employee satisfied to prevent an employee-run as much as possible. When employees are proud of where they work, positive marketing is generated automatically.

Work efficiency
Easy and fast communication, information, and support must be accessible. Using the right tools, programs, layout, and services, the employee can fully focus on the core business and thereby stimulate the company’s growth. 

But what about COVID? We have noticed a strong change in the requirements and wishes of the workplace. 2020 has taught us that we can get very far without an office but that the energy of meeting and working together is indispensable to achieve integrated results. Therefore, the workplace of the future increasingly requires the coordination of the physical and digital work environment and business services.

To connect employees and stakeholders from the business through collaboration with specialists in workplace experience. It is driven by data, connectivity, intuition, and knowledge. The process is as follows:

1. Analysis & validation; what are the main issues? We will apply qualitative and quantitative research. All data and information is analyzed by the four discipline specialists. This data is being validated with the stakeholders of your company.
2. Workplace foundation vision; a holistic integrated concept is created based on all research.
3. Custom advice; an overall WX solutions advise is created from all four disciplines based on the custom workplace vision that suits your corporate goals & culture.
4. Local implementation; together with all involved departments and parties.
5. Aftercare / feedback loop; after implementation, a programmed sequence of feedback and modification is essential to keep the workplace experience up to date. 

Together with CBRE, we applied the WX process successfully at Galapagos and ASML.

Wish to connect and see if this could work for your company? Click here and we will get in touch. 



TRENDING — 14.05.2020

Enbiun develops concepts from A to Z: strategy, design, food and drinks, branding and interiors. Concepts will have to be adapted during and after the corona time.

Restaurants, terraces and beach bars may open again on 1 June under certain conditions. A maximum of thirty people (including staff) may enter the catering establishments, subject to the 1.5-meter measure. The condition is that all guests can sit at a table. Creative director David Kulen & partner of enbiun, Jan Willem van de Sande, spoke during a webinar of Bidfood Netherlands on April 23th about 'how Japan & and the rest of Asia are dealing with the epidemic, and how we can learn from it'. In this article we have summarized tips & tricks.


Japanese hospitality is Omotenashi!

Throughout Japan you can find a great hospitality concept, which is integrated from a luxury sushi bar to a simple ramen bar at a metro station. That concept has a word: Omotenashi. It is a culturally created concept, which originated from the tea ceremony. It not only applies to the service employees, it also concerns customers. People are brought up with this. Care for the environment, respect for each other and politeness is the common denominator. It is the basis of hospitality in Japan.


Every restaurant, shop, or even garage, the entire staff greets you. You enter and you are welcomed by 4 or 5 voices. This immediately sets a great tone. It's about respect, but also about feeling welcome. Everyone wants to help you have the best experience. That is very tangible in Japan.

"Care for the environment, respect for each other and politeness is the common denominator."

You can also find it in small details; in many restaurants you will find baskets next to and under the tables, where you can put your jacket or bag, so that they will not lie dirty on the floor. That hygiene level, which also translates into small things, are an extra touch on service.


How does Japan handle hospitality at a distance?

In Japan, concepts are very clear. A ramen bar, a specialist sushi shop or a specific sourdough bakery. This makes it small-scale. That clear and small scale makes it very easy to absorb for a customer. You see it in ramen restaurants, of which the concepts are very clear, without extensive menus. This makes the seat much shorter, making it manageable for the kitchen and for the visitor. Fewer people will be able to use square meters, but we still have to make money. This is a balance that we have to look for in our offer.


What you also see a lot are iconic catering concepts, where the brand is very strongly represented and the product is quite simple. For example the cheesecake bubble tea from Taiwan, which is a mega hit in Japan. At the Laforet Harajuku's Machi Machi café you are confronted with a large menu, how to order and how long it takes before you will receive your drink. It's super simple, because you can't sit anywhere and just take the drink with you. You have the whole experience in your hand. We will also need to get this kind of clarity in the Netherlands with clear yet simple concepts.


You know where you stand

We in the Netherlands can learn from how clear it is in Japan where you stand. An extensive wine list is now problematic because you have to explain it at someone's table. In Japan you have a lot of communication everywhere. Everything has rules and etiquette. It is interesting to think about how we can also apply this in the Netherlands. We are moving towards a reality in which we will have to define things and guide people. This provides a higher comfort.

Kaart waarbij je verschillende soorten saké’s kunt proeven.

This is a menu from which you can choose different sakes. They are classified by taste. For example, you can indicate 2 flavours, and then you get a saké that meets those flavours.

Bij dit self-service koffie concept wordt alles tot in de puntjes uitgelegd, geen medewerkers.

Or this self-service coffee concept where everything is communicated down to the last detail. There is no service employee.

Distance is not a reason for detachment

We will soon be at a distance from the customer. But distance doesn't always have to be negative. The Japanese service goes much further than the contact between employee and customer. This is also expressed in funny things. It doesn't matter how many stars a ramen restaurant has, you can find this machine everywhere. You choose your meal, pay, and wait for your food at the bar, while handing the receipt to the chef. The service is that you can watch how your meal is prepared. Even with distance you can build an experience, but you have to zoom in deeply into what your customer's experience is. In our work you call this a customer journey. Upon entering, at the bar, when they sit down, what do your customers experience?


Distance is sometimes a concept

Distance can sometimes become a whole concept. Japan is known as a remote country, where people do not have much psychical contact with each other. This is enlarged in this concept, where you order again from a same sort machine that you can find at a Ramen restaurant. You will receive a receipt, after which you will be referred to a place in a niche. You then fill in a form with all kinds of preferences. You pass that form through the hatch, after you have pressed a button, and eventually the curtain opens with your dish that you have ordered. So you have no contact with anyone, you only see the hands of the service employee. It may sound a bit dystopian, and maybe even a little scary, but it is a humorous way of applying social distancing.


All this could be the manual we are re-writing in the Netherlands. The guest's journey must be rewritten. You have to describe the customer journey for yourself from A to Z and adjust and / or improve the concept around it.


Do you also want tips and tricks to rewrite your concept? And know more about how Japan applies this? Please contact David Kulen.

David Kulen
creative director & japan connoisseur

+31 (0)6 15 41 50 01
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TRENDING — 07.05.2020

The pandemic forces organisations to revalue their entire business structure. This includes the company restaurant, the coffee bar, the pantry and the contract with the caterer. What are the changes and how can you deal with this as a company?



Shift in corporate culture 

The entire corporate culture is examined. Strong teams with socials contact limitations create new challenges. An essential part of the daily social connection is having lunch. Because you often eat and drink together. Having lunch or chatting at the coffee machine forms interest, understanding and a connection. 


The company restaurant and coffee machine are therefore the office's social ties. The place where you can meet everyone. If employees have to keep more distance (or work at home more often) and there is no longer a central lunch place or pantry to connect, how is the culture, team feeling, and connection between employees guaranteed?




FLOORPLAN 1,5m after COVID 06/05

On the maps above it shows a contrast of peak moments in the company restaurant during the pre-COVID-19 situation (+/- 0,63 person per m2) and in the current situation (+/- 0,14 person per m2). The 1,5 meter measure ensures that in addition to the seating area, serving, the method of payment, the service level and the product range must also be evaluated. 

Two concepts

Two weeks ago, we asked our network to respond to two scenarios for the company restaurant when it comes to using offices again. Concept 1: use the lunch are as a social distance work and meeting place and organize lunch in a different way. Concept 2: you develop a COVID-19 proof serving concept with a better supply and make use of shifts.  


The reactions show a great preference for concept 1, in which the restaurant area is used for a work and meeting place, and where lunch is arranged in a different way. 


What problems or issues does a company experience now through (the measures of) corona? We will take you through a number of scenarios that companies can or will face in the times of COVID-19, in the field of corporate catering and services. The responses we have had have been included and incorporated into the protocols. 


The social distance restaurant
and flexible workplace

Many companies lack space to accommodate personnel 1.5 meters apart. In this scenario, the company restaurant is temporarily used as a workplace outside lunchtime. People are used to working in other environments now, so a new and flexible working method within the building can offer a solution. Most company restaurants are spacious in terms of floor space and are therefore relatively easy to temporarily convert into a space with a different function. Purely from the 1.5 meter idea, a solution that can be deployed quickly to still create extra capacity in the office. 

  1. New layout
    The space will be decorated differently and will have a different function. This will differ per office. The starting point is that it is not a lunch place but a flexible meeting and workplace. A kind of work café in a spacious arrangement. However, acoustics, working conditions and infrastructure must be taken into account to facilitate working as much as possible. 

  2. Limited menu 
    This is in line with the enbiun philosophy, that supply should in any case be more limited and more focused in the office. The restrictions that are applied accelerate the roll-out. Depending on a possible shift layout, this menu does not have to change daily. 

  3. Smart ordering system
    Lunch is no longer done jointly at tables but in the workplaces. Lunch can be pre-ordered and even paid for via an app or website. The app also helps to get an indication of how many people want to have lunch, so that an estimate can be made in the kitchen. 

  4. Pick up or delivery 
    The caterer can process the requests in time slots in which employees can pick up their lunch (or it is brought to them). This gives the caterer more control over the lunch peak and prevents places with a high density of people, such as queues at serving and vascular stations. 

program app4


Een COVID-19 proof
serving concept

A more obvious scenario is adjusting the way of serving. We already see many options arise for this, in which the routing, serving, supply and payment are organised differently. 

  1. Having lunch in shifts
    Because we no longer can have lunch at the company restaurant at the same time, shifts will be implemented. 

  2. Communication
    How does it work, what is expected of you as an employee and how can tou have lunch now? Opening hours, the menu and the rules must be communicated clear and widely.  

  3. Clear routes
    In and around the business premises, it will be taken care of that people will not bump into each other on their way to the counter, toilet and/or lift. 

  4. Adjusting serving and packaging 
    Narrow down the choice and serve meals. Provide ready meals only if they can be packed individually. Think about packaged salads and sandwiches for example. This will reduce row formation and fewer (minimal) actions are required. Large buffets where people create their own meals are a thing of the past. 

  5. Payment
    Fixed menu prices can be chosen to limit contact moments. An option is to facilitate payments through an app where employees also place their orders in advance. 

It remains important to psychically facilitate connectivity in the office. In the future, employees will come to the office to meet. Make sure that places that are suitable and safe to have an informal conversation, drink a cup of coffee and/or have lunch together are reserved.


Focus on a healthy & easy way to drink and eat 

In addition to a social connection, there is an even stronger focus on vitality.  It is advisable as a company to focus more on the vitality of your employees; to have a clear direction in the type of dishes, with a focus on them being balanced and healthy. It will make your employees more resilient. By offering a limited and clearer range of proportioned meals, it will become a quick and easy choice for employees.  

Offices still have a big job ahead of them. Fortunately, they don't have to this alone and the caterer often offers a helping hand. By making clear agreements and by sketching out a good plan about the new business operations, this can become the new method of working in the time of COVID-19. 


Order App

enbiun and enbiun Program would gladly support you during the development and implementation of these scenarios. We have an ordering app available for anyone who wants to make use of it. It is easy and quick to implement. 

Would you like to know more about this topic or dig deeper into this topic with us? Please contact Jan Willem van de Sande or leave your details. 

Jan Willem van de Sande

Sales Director

+31 (0)6 11 86 80 24


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TRENDING — 24.04.2020

Wouter Hassing, owner of Mycophilia, decided he wanted to rebrand his company together with enbiun during the corona crisis. Why did he choose this moment to do so? And how does the crisis affect his strategy? Read more below!


First question! Briefly introduce yourself and Mycophilia.

We are Mycophilia; plant nor animal! We are a fungus. Human microbiota contains on average between 10 to 25 different types of fungi. More than 100 different types of fungi that live in humans have already been discovered.

All jokes aside, Marijke (my partner) and I, both became infected with the mushroom virus 10 years ago. It all started very innocently, we looked for them in the forest, then we grew them in the garden and before we knew it, a laboratory was created in our house. This love for mushrooms took on a life of its own. Marijke and I went to China once and discovered the most impressive types of mushrooms. We then took the plunge and decided to grow them in Amsterdam. This was the start of Mycophilia.

"Myco means fungi and philia love for. Mycophilia = the love for fungi."

The corona virus creates a special time in our society, why did you choose this moment to work on the identity of Mycophilia?

Mycophilia is a Latin word. Myco means fungi and philia love for. Mycophilia = the love for fungi. We want to spread this love among people and share the enthusiasm we have with them. Even if the corona virus had not existed, we wanted to work on our identity right now. In recent years, we have invested heavily to make a real impact and difference, and we want to share that with the world, especially in these exciting times.

How does the corona crisis affect your strategy?

Mushrooms are not only very tasty, but also very healthy. I believe that now is the time to make a global shift in our consumption pattern. Local food, sustainable production techniques, less meat, healthy nutrients and functional foods; topics that we have been working on for years now come make way into the lives of the entire population. I think it’s very special to see how these uncertain times bring people together; consumers who purchase from us and are very enthusiastic and order again soon after, entrepreneurs who work together and join hands to get rid of the surpluses. This is the time to forge and strengthen relationships.

How do you see Mycophilia after the Corona crisis?

After the crisis, Mycophilia will look different. We had great growth drift and plans, for example about export and expansion. But the crisis quickly ended that. How we will grow in the coming years is uncertain, but one thing is beyond doubt! Our identity, and our collaboration with enbiun, will play a major role in this.


TRENDING — 08.04.2020

In 2011 the Slok family made a trip to Vietnam. That was the moment when Martijn (then 18 years old), Myrthe (16) and Bastiaan (14) fell in love with Asian culture. After many trips, conversations, discoveries and ideas, their dream became a reality: bringing a Japanese ramen bar to Amsterdam! Otemba Ramen was born. Enbiun helps them with concept development, brand strategy, branding, graphic- and interior design.

Otemba Interior
Otemba Logo
Otemba Logo

branding & interior design for Otemba Ramen by enbiun

These new young catering entrepreneurs are taking the step to open their doors after the corona crisis. What’s their view on the current crisis? And how do they deal with it? We interviewed Myrthe Slok.

How are you dealing with the corona crisis?

Although there is international talk of a crisis, we prefer not to talk about it that way. Our goal was to open our doors before the Easter weekend, but this plan is now delayed by weeks, or perhaps months. We think it is very important to remain positive; there are entrepreneurs who are currently struggling way more than we are. We try to think of creative solutions, because many deliveries from Asia have been cancelled. Can we possibly make our own decorations? Start using other ingredients? We want to be 100% "ready to rumble" as soon as the measures are withdrawn. Where other catering establishments have take-away as a "solution", we do not currently see that as an option as a starting restaurant. Maybe we’ll create Japanese cooking videos and share recipes online! Every day we come together to come up with ideas and solutions. One thing is certain, and we keep repeating it: it is a very challenging period of time in which we have to keep on smiling, keep our heads up, and have fun. Nobody can (and will!) take that away from us. 

"2020 should be our year, not corona's"

How did the crisis change your plans?

It was certainly a big setback when we were told that all catering establishments had to close their doors. We've all worked so hard to open in early April, so what’s next? Suppliers that deliver later, interior builders, artists, and other third parties who cannot (and do not want to) be on location with more than three people. Everyone is stressed out. For example, when we try to get in touch with the municipality regarding compensation, we are told that we are likely not eligible for this, simply because we have not had any income from our business, while we are in dire need of it right now. The landlord is also in splits, and like us, has many questions about making choices. Nor does the accountant, with years of experience, have answers to our questions. When you hear Rutte say in the press conference that this is, after WWII, the biggest crisis the Netherlands has ever experienced, you know that he really means business. What will the future look like for us? When can we open our doors? And will this be just as jolly and successful as we hoped? It is the biggest question that comes to our minds every day. 

What do you think the effect will be when you open the doors of Otemba Ramen?

When the time comes, and we are able to open our doors... are we going to throw a big opening party? Because there is a good chance that everyone will dive into his or her own favourite pub first. Or maybe not, because people may be more careful and have less to spend. Can we already sell gift certificates that guests can use later? We are definitely in a very challenging situation. And as a starting catering entrepreneur, it is important to think about the right ‘opening plan’. 

Crisis or not, we must continue to enjoy ourselves. 2020 should be our year, not corona's.

LIVEBLOG: #HorecaSupport

This article will be updated regularly. Do you have a tip for the editors? Mail us: marketing@enbiun.com

At enbiun we are trying to navigate our way through these turbulent times. We work in one of the worst-hit sectors: hospitality. Hospitality is an industry that is very dear to us, its composed of passionate chefs, hosts and entrepreneurs. Times like these ask for cooperation and solidarity on all levels.

During these challenging times, enbiun wants to inspire and share heart-warming initiatives to support the food & hospitality industry by posting them on our live-blog which we will update regularly.

This blog is categorized according to 6 themes:

  • 1: Initiatives by the catering industry
  • 2: Help, Donate, Support
  • 3: Podcasts & Talk shows
  • 4: #SupportYourLocals: Kits & Boxes
  • 5: Assisting our healthcare heroes
  • 6: Crisis Cooking

Do you have a cool initiative yourself and could you use some support?

Share it with us by using #HorecaSupport or send us an email.

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NEW! *02-06-20

* Otemba Ramen is finally open! (1)

They were supposed to open over the Easter weekend (we wrote an article about it at the time), but corona threw a spanner in the works. But since yesterday Otemba Ramen is officially open! Enbiun helped them with concept development, brand strategy, branding, graphic- and interior design. Check out their delicious menu on their brand new website and be sure to visit this new hotspot in Amsterdam! 

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* Oleg Pelmeni's Distance Party (1)

The moment is finally here! From June 1st, restaurant may reopen under certain conditions! A good reason to celebrate. Oleg Pelmeni Bar, for which enbiun has designed the interior, graphics, brand, concept and food design, will open its doors again on June 1st, and celebrate this week (until June 7) with a distance party. During the quarantine they prepared new combinations of pelmeni with Georgian natural wines and combined them in two sets. You can take a look at the menu here. And reserve a table via pelmenibar.nl.

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* BROOD Friendship Bread (6)

Eating together unites, and baking together (at a distance) does too! Do you remember the Herman Friendship Bread from the 80's and 90's? It was a culinary chain letter at the time. And how wonderful is it to revive and spread the nostalgic baking virus, especially in these times of social distancing? The BROOD Friendship Bread is only fed on a basis of spelled flour and water. This creates a leaven-based dough after 6 days, to bake delicious sourdough breads with. The idea is that you then share this dough with 3 others. In this way, the bread will be spread itself across the country. Look for the recipe and how to participate on the website of Smaakt.

* Gulpener's Craft Beer Kelder (1)

Small-scale beer brewers are currently having a hard time. Due to closure of the catering industry, turnover sometimes fell by 70%, and in the worst cases even by 90%. Gulpener wants to support these entrepeneurs and has therefore set up a platform: Craft Bier Kelder. Currently it is a unique box of 24 (storage)beers from small brewers, but after that you can subscribe to a monthly, smaller box. Order the first box here

* Rescued HRBS lemonade from Roze Bunker(1)

Crisis (usually) brings out the best in people, including the so called 'fruit butchers' of Roze Bunker. The corona outbreak left Hrbs, a service model for fresh herbs, crops and sprouts, with a remainder of fresh herbs. These have become the basis of a delicious, limited edition herbal elixer. The mix of Hrbs herbs are grown locally in Plant Paradise, an indoor farm in Amsterdam. The result is a richly balanced mix; from fresh mint and lemon balm to the deep flavours of rosemary and thyme. The Roze Bunker has used all these delicious herbs for their new Dutch Lemonade: RESCUED HRBS. 

Rescued HRBS

* Farm Box: weekly changing Waterlands crate (4)

Lea ten Brummelhuis from Ransdorp, the founder of the Farm Box, decided to enthusiastically put together a box with local delicacies. Since the corona crisis, she has worked as a volunteer at the Dikhoeve farm

Every Saturday you can pick up the box at the farm (near Amsterdam-Noord) between 13:00 and 16:00, with weekly changing products such as bread, fresh vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, drinks and flowers. More info? Check out their instagram.

Schermafbeelding 2020-05-28 om 17.17.19
Schermafbeelding 2020-05-28 om 17.18.03
Schermafbeelding 2020-05-28 om 17.17.29

* Nayolie: the first, and only, 'one table restaurant' in the Netherlands (1)

Due to the 1,5 meter regulations, Kelvin Lin, chef at top restaurant Nayolie, can only receive a very limited number of guests at the moment. That is why he decided to throw out all the tables and make room for one large table, which can be reserved exclusively for a maximum of 4 people. The 7-course menu is served based on "omakase", a Japanese way of dining where you completely surrender to the knowledge and crafts of the chef. The restaurant also has a takeaway menu. More info can be found on their website

* Hotelnacht Summer Staycation: holiday in your own country! (1)

This summer we are going on a vacation in our own city! In the summer months of July and August you can book a room in the most special hotels in Amsterdam and participate in small-scale cultural, creative and culinary activities. This way Hotelnacht gives a boost to the local catering industry and you can still enjoy that well-deserved summer holiday. You can choose between creative, luxury or premium hotels. Stay informed via the website

NEW! *04-05-20

* Soup to celebrate our freedom

Two years ago, the 4 and 5 May committee organized the largest Freedom Meal under the RIJKS together with Samuel Levie, Joris Bijdendijk, Het Parool and het Rijksmuseum. This year there will be no psychical meal, but an invitation to all eat the 'Freedom Soup' ('vrijheidsmaaltijdsoep') together. This special tin of soup is designed by artist Piet Parra, and Rosa (enbiun's marketing coordinator), was one of the lucky few to receive the limited edition tin.

The fact that we can no longer psychically eat together because of the corona measures, does not mean that we cannot celebrate Liberation Day. Tomorrow, on the 5th of May, we can all the eat the same meal to celebrate our freedom. You can find the recipe for making this soup here.

We can all be connected through a LIVECAST from Pakhuis de Zwijger. Listen to stories, music and inspiring speakers. 

4.30 - 5.30 pm - opening
5.30 - 6.30 - make your own soup
6.30 - 7.30 - eat together + toast to freedom

Are you joining us?


NEW! *30-04-20

* Serres Séparées: intimate dining experience at the Oosterdok (1)

Mediamatic in Amsterdam was inspired by the precautions against contamination and the redesign process of being able to be together. They've put out greenhouses for 2 that protect you from the outside world and others, while offering you a unique experience of intimate dining. In restaurants and bars there is a separate room traditionally called 'chambre séparée', in French. Mediamatic aptly calls their quarantine greenhouses  'serres séparées', where you can enjoy a 4-course vegetable menu. Unfortunately already completely sold oud until 27/6, but keep an eye on their website

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-30 om 19.45.15

Photograph by Anne Lakeman

* Bosses of the city: Ode to the Horeca of Amsterdam (3)

With this short film, MediaMonks pays tribute to all the bars, restaurants and other catering establishments in Amsterdam that are struggling during these challenging times. The short film provides a glimpse behind the facades of various places in Amsterdam and shares the personal experiences of the people behind them.

* Breakfast & lunch package from Vroeg (1)

We have featured Restaurant Vroeg on this blog before, but they have a wonderful new product in their webshop! Breakfast- and lunch packages for 2. With croissants, orange juice, sugar bread and more. Go to www.vroeg.nl/bestellen and order the package. #supportyourlocal

* Old Scuola's EXTENDED online Supermercato (1)

Remember Old Scuola, who created their own online 'supermarket' (supermercato) to ensure you can prepare their tasty meals at home? They have new packages (for example for an Italian date-night for 2), new pizzas (melanzane & parmiggiano), and a pizza top-it-yourself, with products that you can shop in their supermarket. Don't forget to stock up on those handy toilet-rolls too! Buon appetito!

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-30 om 20.12.48

* IkOokAanJou sausage rolls (1)

Houben Worstenbrood currently sell their famous sausage rolls with a sweet message. Bart Houben explains: "My 94-yeard-old grandmother had fallen a few weeks ago. She still lived independently and is a very powerful woman. But because of the fall and the situation we are currently in, she was forced to be admitted to a nursing home. From one day to another, she was all alone. I wanted to let her know that I was thinking about her and brought her sausage rolls with a personal message. Then I realized that this applies to many more elderly and vulnerable people." You can easily place an order on ikookaanjou.nl, where you can also order special mini sausage rolls that are ideal to enjoy together (for example with fellow residents).

* The Stillery x Two Chefs Brewing hand sanitizers (5)

Corona has created a special collaboration. The Stillery and Two Chefs Brewing (they also happen to be neighbours) have teamed up to create a new product by combining their crafts. The Stillery has distilled the beer from Two Chefs Brewing, which was about to go bad during the closing of the catering industry, and turned it into a disinfected hand gel. Unfortunately not for sale for regular customers (due to the lack of a special permit), but an exception has been made for first-line care providers. "We will continue to do our bit in this way." says The Stillery.

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* MijnKroegie.nl (2)

Not only the restaurants are currently going through a hard time, the bars are also going through it. The mijnkroegie.nl platform supports pubs by providing people at home with tasty beers. It's very simple; click on the logo of your favourite pubs (if they are not listed on the website, ask your favourite pub if they want to register here), select your preferred beer package, pay and donate € 15,- to your chosen pub. The idea is to toast together on May 23th, because then it's #dayofthebartender.

* AirBnB online (cooking)experiences (6)

Besides being able to visit beautiful places through AirBnb, you can also book activities via this global platform. Due to the current crisis, these experiences can no longer take place, but a smart solution has been devised for this. Online Experiences! For example, learn how to make Cape Malay Curry from South Africa, Mexican street tacos with a pro chef, or make pasta with an Italian grandma. See all the experiences here.

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* The CrisisCooking Cookbook (6)

Do you also want a culinary souvenir to remember this bizarre time? Crisiskoken.nl, which we already paid attention to earlier (and you can find it at the bottom of this blog), is going to be published as a cookbook: 40 affordable recipes from famous chefs such as Cees Holtkamp, Joris Bijendijk and Yvette van Boven. For each booklet sold, € 2,50 is donated to the Voedselbank. It will also be printed on remnants of paper. Order it here, and until the 20th of May the booklet will cost only € 9,99.


NEW! *20-04-20

* Bidfood NL webinar with enbiun on Asian approach to the epidemic (3)

Follow the Bidfood webinar with enbiun upcoming Thursday at 14:30: how are Japan & the rest of Asia dealing with the epidemic, what can we learn from this and what does this mean for the hospitality industry? Watch the webinar with our creative director David Kulen & business consultant (and partner) Jan Willem van de Sande at bidfood.nl/webinar.

* De Buik Live: Corona Specials (3)

De Buik, restaurant guide in Amsterdam & Rotterdam, has started a series of podcasts about entrepreneurship in the world of food during the corona crisis, to give you a look behind scenes of everyone who's working very hard at the moment. With guests like Johanneke van Iwaarden, co-owner of The Breda Group, Karin Lindenhovius of De Kweker and Rober Williamsen of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland. Listen to the podcasts here.

* #RondjeVanDeZaak (3)

The Hospitalitist and partners give 'a round on the house' by providing free webinars hosted by well-known professionals. For hospitality employees, management and owners! Watch the webinars here.


The Katoenfabriek from Utrecht devised a project to provide extra support to local entrepreneurs. They now print t-shirts from Utrechtse (catering) establishments. So you do not only support your favourite entrepreneur, (and get a cool t-shirt), but you also keep their presses running. For every shirt sold, € 10,- goes to the place in question. You can order via their site.
Fun fact! David Kulen, enbiun's creative director, made an illustration for Utrechtse hairdresser Simson of their 'resident dog' Coos, which you can order as a shirt on the website.


* The Quarantine Cookbook (6)

The Quarantine Cookbook is an initiative of 2 friends (one from London, the other from New York); a digital publication of recipes and drawings. Contributors range from professional chefs to that friend we all have who can only cook spaghetti. To view the cookbook you must become a subscriber, and you can do so by donating to a charity of your choice (Food Bank NYC, London Trussel Trust or the World Central Kitchen). You will then be given access to the book online. The ladies hope the book gives kitchen inspiration and creates a global community to celebrate food, while raising as much money as possible for those in need.

* Online live children's cooking workshop with Roomforfood.nl (6)

Enbiun has designed and implemented a new FOOD DNA for the green certified holiday parks of Landal Greenparks. Landal park Coldenhove is the park in which testing, analysing and designing took place. And Roomforfood.nl founder & chef Marjolein Triesscheijn contributed to the test phase
Recently she also gives live cooking lessons for children online. Of course she prefers to teach in 'real life', at school or at a festival, but in these times we have to be creative. Would you also like to give your child (7 years and up) a cooking class from Marjolein? Mail her at

Initiatives by the catering industry

* Russian Oleg Pelmeni Bar take-out and delivery service

Enbiun designed the hospitality concept for the Oleg Pelmeni Bar, which is the first Russian pelmeni bar in Amsterdam. Pelmeni can be described as Russian tortellini, and is absolutely delicious. Lieke, one of enbiun's food creatives, tried out their take-away service and encourages you to do the same! Order here.


* Delivery Roulette

Do you live in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, do you want to support your local restaurants, but you simply cannot choose between all the take-away they offer? Get surprised at home with a delivery meal and play Bezorg Roulette (Delivery Roulette). Delivery Roulette is designed by SurpriSeat. It offers restaurants that normally don't do takeaways a platform to reach new customers. The restaurants that are affiliated represent 22 (world) cuisines. For more information and how to order, go to their website.

* Dutch Weed Burger do-it-yourself kit

“From a planetary perspective, this virus is the best thing that could happen.” says founder of the Dutch Weed Burger Mark Kulsdom (read more here). He also came up with a special offer. Because of these crazy times, you can now order the mouthwatering & 100% plant-based Weed Burger online. You will receive the frozen patties, buns and Weed Sauce! Order the package here.

* Old Scuola's online Supermercato

Old Scuola, known for their delicious pizza's and other exquisite meals in Rotterdam, have created an online 'supermarket' (supermercato) to ensure that you can prepare their yummy meals at home. They are starting off with do-it-yourself pizza kits & sealed pizzas, but more is coming... They also offer a take-away and delivery service and sell toilet rolls (very handy)


* Vroeg Bakery & Restaurant offers gift vouchers and take-away

Vroeg is very dear to enbiun, because we have been collaborating with them for a very long time already. They are a melting pot of both food services and activities. It’s a restaurant, store, gathering place, bakery and learning establishment in one. Next to being part of the Support Your Locals Utrecht food box (which you can order here), you can place your order online on their website, for you to pick up the next morning. You can also support them by buying a gift voucher, which you will be able to enjoy when the crisis is over.

* Studio Happy Story no waste cake & Uber Eats

Studio Happy Story is a creative bake studio in Amserdam founded by Debbie, a designer who also works for enbiun! She specializing in flavour cakes, designer cakes, small sweets and dessert tables. Because of the corona virus, she has started a pick up service and you can use Uber Eats for delivery! She also sells No Waste Cake Cups & Cakes By Slices.

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Schermafbeelding 2020-04-13 om 17.56.52

* Chef Centraal Wholesale brings their catering products to your doorstep

Chef Centraal has started a delivery service for their unique catering products within Amsterdam (and surroundings). You can now order delicious products from local heroes and turn your home into a real restaurant! Visit their website for more information.

* Support De Utrechter by buying a gift voucher

De Utrechter is a lively city brasserie for which enbiun has developed a dynamic and intuitive hospitality concept. They have recorded an inspiring video to show how important it is to share what you have in these difficult times. You can support De Utrechter by buying a gift voucher from them. 10% of the proceeds go to projects from De Utrechtse Uitdaging.


* RIJKS®️ take away service

The RIJKS restaurant has started a take away service. They offer a 3-course menu for €39,50 on their website, amongst other delicious things. Joris Bijdendijk, chef at the RIJKS®️, explains how you can still support catering businesses in these exceptional times: "If you want to help us - or other restaurants - , postpone your reservation to a later moment instead of cancelling or buy a gift voucher."

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* Mycophilia mushrooms and shiitake grow bags

Mycophilia, a sustainable mushroom growing company that normally only delivers to catering businesses, now offers a delicious mushroom melange online. But not only that, you can grow their mushrooms at home as well! Because many of their partners are closed at the moment, they have a stock of 10.000+ grow bags. And because mushrooms are fungi (so, alive), they can't stop the growth. Help them out and buy their shiitake grow bags! All they need is water and attention. Order them here.

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* Gault & Millau website with top restaurants that offer take away and delivery

The Gault & Millau team also wants to support the hospitality sector during this difficult time. They have launched a special page on which they have mapped all kinds of top restaurants that now offer take away & delivery meals.

* Online take-away Vlaams Friteshuis van Gogh in Amersfoort

Enbiun has developed a vision and concept for Vlaams Friteshuis van Gogh in Amersfoort and rebranded this local icon. During the current crisis they came up with a creative idea; you don't have to wait in-store any more. Order online, and pick up your meal at one of their snack-bars! Next to that, they deliver something delicious on a daily basis to people who need it the most, #justbecausetheycan!

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Schermafbeelding 2020-04-01 om 21.51.10

* Cook your own Choux dinner with do-it-yourself menu

"Desperate times ask for desperate measures", sighs Choux. They never thought they would ever had to serve a take away, but necessity knows no law. From now on you can experience a real Choux dinner at home. They offer a weekly changing do-it-yourself menu, which can be picked up at the restaurant. Chef Merijn van Berlo will guide you through the menu with an inspiring video that will be added to your confirmation email.

* Oosterschelde lobster and oysters delivered to your home

This time creates a lot of uncertainty, also among the fishermen from Zeeland. Every year the start of the season of the Oosterschelde lobster is celebrated on the last Thursday of March. For weeks, well-known and lesser-known chefs look forward to the first catches of the Zeeuwse lobster, which is praised throughout Europe. But everything is different this year. Because all catering establishments are closed, it tends to be a disastrous season for the fishermen. Roughly 60.000 lobsters are caught every year. But where will they go now? Fish Tales normally only delivers to the catering industry. But necessity knows no law, otherwise their supply will be lost. That's why they bring the lobsters to your door. They also deliver oysters. You can order them (and find delicious recipes!) here.


* Life Of Pie & Willem-Pie Bakery offer Stay Ocake

Life of Pie is known for their beautiful custom made pies and Willem-Pie Bakery specializes in vegan cakes. These two small entrepreneurs decided not to throw in the towel because of the current corona crisis, but join forces. The outcome? Stay Ocake. 2 different packages, one named the Box Of Love and the other Love You Longtime, that you can send to someone you love (or yourself). They will bring it to your doorstep. Check out their site here.

Help, Donate, Support

* #HorecaSamenSterk

Now, more than ever, it is very important to support your favourite catering facility! Wholesale Bidfood and payment platform Intersolve have started a platform, www.horecasamensterk.nl, to provide a safe way to offer (and buy!) digital gift certificates. The aim is to help the catering industry by selling gift cards and collecting donations. The service is completely free of charge.


* #HelpDeHoreca

Horeca Nederland and Gifty have joined forces and created online platform helpdehoreca.nl. Easy to do, and a tremendous help for catering industries: buy a gift voucher from your favourite catering business. So they can continue to pay the rent and you will have something to look forward to when they open their doors again. Find your favourites here.

* SteunDeKeukens.nl

A group of friends from Utrecht has started an initiative to support restaurants throughout the Netherlands. Steundekeukens.nl provides an overview of catering businesses that keep their kitchen open during the corona crisis for delivery or take-away.

* "Wees geen krent en doneer aan jouw favoriete eettent"

Donate, donate, donate. It’s one of the ways you can continue to support your favourite restaurants during the corona crisis. "Dineren is Doneren" (Dining is Donating) is a non-profit initiative of catering enthusiasts & digital agency Lama Lama. You can search for your favourite restaurant(s) and donate the cost of a dish on the website www.doneren.restaurant. “This is how dining becomes a donation for now,” says Lama Lama.

Podcasts & Talk shows

* Pakhuis de Zwijger: LIVECASTS

At the moment, Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam broadcasts programs daily which you can watch live and free via LIVECAST. De Hongerige Stad (Hungry City) is a series that provides a new look at the role of our food and at urban development and employment. Food plays a prominent role in the way cities plan their future! In this episode, Food systems in times of crisis, a number of speakers will discuss the question: 'What can we lean from the current situation and what great (local) initiatives are currently emerging?' 
Tip! This episode about the cultural and creative sector in corona times.

* The Corona Keukenkast Talkshow

Because of the corona virus, the world seems to be put on hold. But we also see that we, as humans, can adapt very quickly if existing systems fail. And that many things suddenly turn out to be better, smarter and easier, if we just flip that switch. The Corona Keukenkast is a new, daily stream of news and inspiration initiated by Shape Networks.
Tip! In this episode they ask themselves: what does this quarantine time mean for the choices we make to meet our daily needs? How are we going to run errands in the future? And what does that demand of our food chain?

* Food Hub Colleges: food education for everyone

Food Hub has made their colleges accessible to everyone, free of charge, during this era of working from home. On their brand new YouTube channel you can find a lecture on Food Transition with Joris Lohman (the co-founder of Food Hub), a lecture Circular Agriculture (with none other than Martin Scholten) and 'How food can save the world', with Carolyn Steel. In just half an hour you can brush up your food knowledge on your couch, bed, bath, wherever you want. Find the lectures here.

* Het Voedselkabinet Podcast about the world of food

Do you enjoy podcasts and want to listen to two food creatives while working from home? In the new podcast 'Het Voedselkabinet', an initiative of Food Cabinet in collaboration with Dag en Nacht Media and Stichting DOEN, Helen Kranstauber and Samuel Levie will save food from dumpsters with a microphone in their hands, harvest a meal in a food forest and go after the marketeers who seduce children with unhealthy choices. You can listen to the episodes on Spotify here.

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#SupportYourLocals: Kits & Boxes

* #SupportYourLocalsNL

"Stop 'Hamstering' (hoarding) at your supermarket and order from local producers." says Samuel Levie, the initiator and ambassador of Support Your Locals.

You can buy a food box on supportlocals.nl, and receive a package full of products from producers who normally deliver to the catering industry. You can join the movement and start your own Support Your Locals initiative here. At the moment, the initiative is widely supported throughout the Netherlands and food boxes are popping up everywhere. You can find many of these boxes on this blog. Find all the initiatives here.

Miljuschka Withausen is also an ambassador of the campaign, and you can check out her website for recipes and inspiration.

* Support Your Locals from Amsterdam Noord

The enbiun studio is located in Amsterdam Noord, at the NDSM wharf. You can imagine that all of our team members are very fond of this area, and are happy to announce that a couple of creative entrepreneurs assembled a food box as well. A collaboration with Bakkerij Ex, Walhalla Craft Beer, Buitengewone Varkens, Rokerij Rookt, Brouwerij Friekens, Cafe Keppler, Potverdorie! Wat Lekker, Waargenoegen!, Fromagerie Abraham Kef, Farm Dikhoeve from Ransdorp & Saru Soda. Order the box here.


* Cheese & Beer box by Kaasbar Amsterdam and Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen

Kaasbar Amsterdam just opened its doors in February this year, but was forced to close them again due to the corona virus. But the Bar hasn't thrown in the towel and joined forces with Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen brewery. You can order a Cheese & Beer Borrel Box via their Instagram for € 29,50.

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* The Amsterdam Quarantine Survival Kit

Want to celebrate the weekend from home? Support your locals from Amsterdam and buy the ultimate quarantine survival kit with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from Kever Genever, Two Chefs Brewing, Brewery De Eeuwige Jeugd, Kraanvogel Kombucha & Leppa Limo. Order the kit here


* Support the AmstelHeroes

Local suppliers around the Amstel have joined forces and put together a box of local, delicious and fresh products. In the box, in addition to high-quality food, products that help make your home a bit more cozy in these strange times are also added. Order the box here.

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-30 om 22.22.49

* Lindenhoff boxes & catering offers

Lindenhoff normally delivers their products to the best chefs in the Netherlands. But now that the restaurants are closed, you can help them out by ordering one of the Lindenhoff boxes. They also sell the products in their online shop for catering prices, because they do not want these wonderful products to be thrown away or for their farmers to perish in this challenging situation.

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-13 om 17.44.48

* Support Your Utregse Locals

Utrecht couldn't stay behind and put together their own #SupportYourLocals box with products from Roze Bunker, Buitengewone Varkens, Eleven Brewery, de Dyck, Nordkapp Coffee, Twisted, Vroeg, Meneer Vink, Koekfabriek, Veldkeuken and Broei. Support your locals and order here.


* PHOOD Farm Box from Eindhoven

Due to the catering industry being closed at the moment, the entire supply chain is affected. Many local producers have fresh food that they cannot sell. Phood Kitchen from Eindhoven has joined forces with them and created the PHOOD Farm Box. The box contains 3 meals for 2 people, including 4 delicious do-it-yourself PHOOD recipes. Buy one here.

* Support Your Eindhovense locals

Local entrepreneurs from Eindhoven have joined forces and assembled a locally produced food box with all kinds of delicious products. A collaboration with Butchery Reinders, Heyde Hoeve, Heeren Groenten en Fruit, Bakery de Vocht, Houben Worstenbrood, de Ruurhoeve, Qarc and De 3 Gebroeders. Order the box here.

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-01 om 18.27.19

* Support Your Bossche locals

A number of Bossche producers have teamed up and created a box full with tasty and truly locally made products from 's-Hertogenbosch and surroundings. Brewery D’n Draok, Brabantsche Worstenbroodjes, Sampietro Specialty Coffee, Boerderij Bleijendijk, De Lekkere Man and De Broodspecialist have assembled the box. In addition, they are looking for a different local producer every week, so they can add new products regularly. Order the box here.


* Enjoy, give or donate - Support Your Locals Meierijstad

#SupportYourLocals Meierijstad has 2 different food boxes. In addition to the big box (€ 40,-), they offer a smaller box (€ 25,-) full of tasty and local products as well. Ideal for a one or two person household. They have 3 options: 'enjoy' (order the box and they will deliver it to your home), 'give' (order a box and they will deliver it to person you want to surprise) or 'donate' (donate a box via the 'With Your Heart' Veghel Foundation and surprise singles & elderly people who are experiencing an extra hard time during this crisis). The boxes can be ordered here.

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* Support Your Locals from Leiden

Leiden has joined forces with local farmers and brewers and created the Pronck Wilde Weide Borrelbox. A collaboration with Brewery Pronck, Farm de Eenzaamheid, Lakenvelder Farm Boterhuispolder, farm Kwakernaak, Ptthee, Landgoed Olmenhorst & the Sweylanthoeve. Order the box here.


STACH has opened up the POP-UP FABULOUS FOODMARKET at the Overtoom, to help local suppliers who normally deliver their products to the catering industry. Lobster, dry aged prime rib, fresh ravioli... and to not make it too difficult for you, they have already prepared it as much as possible. The products come with recipe cards, so you can prepare a delicious dinner in no time.

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-13 om 17.33.44
Schermafbeelding 2020-04-13 om 17.34.24

* EtenOver.nl: Digital marketplace for (fresh)food

Not only the catering industry is facing tremendous financial pressure, but many food suppliers are also facing a lot of challenges. Almost all of them have large stocks that are in danger of becoming obsolete. How do you help the suppliers in these difficult times and how can we make sure we are not wasting any food? etenover.nl is a non-profit digital marketplace where (fresh)food can be offered directly to consumers. Choose your postal code to see which suppliers are close to you and who has places their products online. You can register as a supplier of buy their products here.

* Top chef Syrco Bakker helps farmers with the LANT Box

"Life is like a LANT Box, you never know what you're gonna get."
LANT stands for Lokaal (Local), Ambacht (Craft), Natuurlijk (Natural) and Traceerbaar (Traceable). It is a temporary project by top chef Syrco Bakker from Restaurant Pure C to lend a helping hand to local producers, farmers, and passionate craftsman. The box consists out of a nice diversity of products that is carefully composed by what the producers can offer. Delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium, also available as a subscription. More information can be found here.

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* Slow Food - Buy Local List

Slow Food Netherlands has created a list of local producers and chefs which can really use your help right now. Handy: they have made an overview per province. Find the list here.

* Frank About Tea #YourMoment Survival Kit

Frank About Tea is a Dutch company which normally sells fresh, fair trade  tea to (big) companies. Now they offer a #YourMoment survival kit, because, let's be frank, working at home is a bit different. We do not only have to work, but we have to take care of our children, the laundry and our partner (in order of priority) as well. All the more important to take a moment for yourself every now and then to get through this challenging period of time. You can buy the survival kit, with products from 3 social enterprises, here.

* Boerschappen x Home Made Chefs meal boxes

In these uncertain times of the Corona crisis, Home Made Chefs and Boerschappen have developed a temporary solution for the residual flows that arise from farmers and food producers. The catering no longer purchases these products, which means that there are large surpluses. Every day, Boerschappen drives past dozens of farmers in the Netherlands to collect all these surpluses, which will be assembled in food boxes. You can help out the farmers by buying one of the boxes here.

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-31 om 20.04.05

* De Voedseldoos - the organic food box of the North

Northern producers have launched a box full of organic products from Friesland, Drenthe and Groningen, in collaboration with de Streekboer. Farmers with a surplus are called upon to join them here. You can order the box on their website.

* HalloBoer: connecting producers and consumers

HalloBoer is a digital marketplace for local products and specialities. It strengthens and initiates to link the consumer and producer in a fair and honest way. On the map they use you can see where you can find the best products. Farmers, bakeries, breweries, butchers, local shops and restaurants are connected to this platform. All farmers and producers who are proud of their products are visible and findable for everyone now. Are you a entrepreneur and want to join HalloBoer? You can do so here. A consumer? Explore their website here.

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-13 om 20.49.06

* Local Goodness Plant-based box Rotterdam - changes weekly!

Landzicht Farmhouse, Das Brot and Jack Bean have teamed up to create a fully plant-based box! They have assembled a box (in which the ingredients change weekly) with their favourite things for you to enjoy at home; fresh organic veggies of the season, loaves of bread and other delicious plant-based food. Order the box here.

* Support your locals from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

Of course Zeeuws-Vlaanderen couldn't stay behind and created their own support your locals box. The boxes are filled with high-quality products from locals farmers, producers and entrepreneurs. They also have a 'borrel box'! Order yours here.


* Support your locals from Delft with the Delftse Booschappendoosch

The Delftse Doosch was an initiative from De Burgermeesters, a creative concept agency. Until 2017 they annually released a Christmas package full with local products from Delftse entrepreneurs. Due to other activities they decided to quit, but save the concept for later times. Those times seemed to have arrived and resulted in the Delftse Booschappendoosch. Order your doosch here, enjoy local craft products and support your favourite entrepreneurs.

* Kitchen Republic - Local Market Box

The motto of Kitchen Republic now is: "Stay Healthy & Buy Local". Help them keep local food producers afloat in this time of need by buying a Local Market Box straight from their kitchen to yours. They offer 2 boxes: a product or a beverage box. Order them here.

* #Benefrietjes

Due to the crisis, a gigantic mountain of potato fries cannot be used at the moment. This has consequences for the entire potato chain. Doordacht & Bracheorganisatie Akkerbouw started the campaign Benefrietjes, to help out the farmers with their surplus. What can you do? It's easy. Buy and eat fries, or treat a portion to someone else. If you're not a lover of fries, you can also help out the farmers by using these 'frietjes' potatoes (which you can buy at your local supermarket) in potato salads, stews or just by cooking them.


Assisting our healthcare heroes

* #FeedTheNurses

The nursing staff in our hospitals is under incredible pressure at the moment. They are working their butts off and run double shifts to take care of sick people. #FeedTheNurses wants to provide meals to our proverbial soldiers.  They prepare food on a regular basis and deliver it to nursing staff in a hospital in their region. Are you a chef or advocate willing to support this initiative? Click here to see how you can help.

* Starred restaurant Basiliek cooks for hospital staff and joins 'what's in the fridge' challenge

Restaurant Basiliek in Harderwijk is committed to support the nursing staff in their city. Every day they make between 250 and 500 small 'revivers' for the employees of the hospital. The staff of the restaurant also do groceries for those who cannot do it themselves. That's not all, because the JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs (the association of young chefs & restaurateurs from different countries), challenges chefs on Instagram to participate in the 'what's in the fridge' challenge. Chef Rik Jansma from the Basiliek shows you how to make a typical Dutch meal here.

* 4850 take away and discounted coffees for OLVG employees

4850, known for their fantastic cinnamon buns, wine and coffee, now provides take away. But not only that, they also offer all staff from the OLVG hospitals a discount on take-away coffee or a 'caffè sospeso'. 'Caffè sospeso' is italian for suspended coffee. It is a coffee paid for in advance as an anonymous act of charity. The tradition began in the working-class cafés of Naples, where someone who had experienced good luck would order a sospeso, paying the price of two coffees but receiving and consuming only one. A poor person enquiring later whether there was a sospeso available would then be served a coffee for free. Coffee shops in other countries have adopted the sospeso to promote kindness and caring. Want to do something nice for the hard working people at OLVG? Buy them a coffee!

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-30 om 22.07.15

* #FitteStrijders - Free healthy meals & mental guidance by top athletes for our healthcare heroes!

#FitteStrijders (Fit Fighters) is an initiative by Renato's Amsterdam and Fanbased, which contributes to the vitality of healthcare staff. Their contribution consists out of a healthy takeaway (lunch and/or dinner) and tips/instructions on restoring the psychical, mental and emotional battery after a day of high-class performance. Top athletes are ready to assist the healthcare staff with all of this. You can help them out by donating a meal here.

* Stooker Coffee donates beans to the GGD Corona Testing Team

Stooker Coffee, a speciality coffee roasting-house and SCA certified training facility, supports their healthcare heroes by donating beans. To, for example, the GGD Corona Testing Team in Amsterdam. They've donated beans to help them a bit with waking up in the morning, so they can start kicking ass another day! The beans were ready to go to their catering clients just before the lockdown was announced, but instead of throwing them away, they gave them away for free.

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Crisis Cooking

* Cooking lessons on Instagram from top chef Massimo Bottura

Famous chef Massimo Bottura of restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena not only gives cooking lessons on Instagram, he also makes so called 'Kitchen Quarantaine Q&A' videos in which he answers questions from Instagrammers. Become a top chef yourself and check out his Instagram here.

* Healthy food workshops with Rude Health

The British company Rude Health knows what's up when it comes to healthy food. In these challenging times, they give healthy food workshops on their social media. Learn how to make sauerkraut or oat milk from the founders, Nick & Camilla Barnard. The workshops can be seen live every Friday evening at 6 p.m on their Facebook, and the next day you can watch them on IGTV.

* Crisis Koken.nl

Mara Grimm, culinary journalist and author, opened the platform crisiskoken.nl, which consists out of simple recipes by top chefs. These dishes are suddenly very relevant again. Not because there is a scarcity ("at least, if we just quit our crazy hoarding"), but because the 'poor kitchen' fits seamlessly with all the trends that are going on in the culinary world; sustainable, seasonal, (almost entirely) vegetarian, no waste and local. Moreover, cooking 'simple' is the best way to feed as many mouths in the cheapest way. And since more or less the entire circle of Mara's friends consists out of ZZP'ers, that is more important than ever.
Mara will share a recipe from a top chef almost every day during these crazy corona times. "Everyone can join in digitally, except for Wiebes, that speaks for itself." says Mara.

* Cooking simple every day with top chef Edwin Vinke

Top chef Edwin Vinke from restaurant De Kromme Watergang started a YouTube channel. He shares a video every day in which he prepares a simple meal. "We have to help and support each other and I happen to be able to cook a little." says Edwin. You can find his videos here.

Welcome Rosa

WORKING AT — 03.2020

Rosa 2019

After her studies at the Design Academy, which she completed in 2018 with a bicycle safari in Drenthe, Rosa dove into the catering industry full-time. Her father, an interior architect, had started a cultural café in his old office and could use some help. Ambitious as Rosa can be, she threw herself into running this cafe and stood in the kitchen, washed the dishes, served guests, updated the website and social media, and designed the menu. A jack-of-all-trades.

But Rosa was eager to broaden her horizon and focus more on what she had studied; concept design. After a series of applications, she ended up at enbiun, who wanted to hire her as a freelancer to further develop enbiun Program. After 3 months of exploring and creating, she could start working as a marketing coordinator and content creator.

Rosa is a creative, multidisciplinary and colourful young woman. Due to her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, she can be deployed in many areas and is therefore a welcome addition to the enbiun team.

Welcome Rosa!



During this difficult time enbiun is still at work and reachable through phone and email. Our team now works remote from their respective homes.

We would like to extend our support and well-wishes to the heavily hit hospitality- and travel industry and its employees.

We have already seen a number of heart-warming initiatives emerge to support the catering industry in particular. For example, there are companies that donate their available food stock to other parties. Also consider converting a reservation into a voucher for later use.


To support and broadcast all these great ideas and initiatives we will use the hashtag #HorecaSupport

We wish everyone a lot of strength and hope to see each other in good health again soon!

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